US to withdraw from Iraq and Syria?

Great news if true

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Yeah, yeah. And I have a bridge over the river Thames to sell you (MOA, not you PP). Yes, they might withdraw their troops, but they’ll just be replaced by contractors. Mercenaries by any other name. Anyone who thinks that the US is just going to leave Iraq, Syria, or any other part of the world they occupy to their own devices, must be deluded.

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Not so sure about that, Pat. Straws in the wind suggest that the Anglozionist empire is much more fragile, and much closer to collapse, than the public image cons us into believing.

You’re quite right that the more delusional clutzes amongst the Swanp creatures would like to do all the sly tricks that you suggest. But amongst the non-delusional Swampies (there are some, and I intuit that their numbers are growing amongst the deep state factions which strive to manage the ‘Biden’ puppet-show), I think we can detect a growing realisation that their geriatric empire simply can’t undertake the world-hegemon stunts that it’s pulled heretofore.

They haven’t the finances (nor any means any longer of collecting the vast, never-to-be-repaid subsidies that they used to get from their protection rackets). And - most critically - they no longer have the physical means to mount AND MAINTAIN long-distance power projections any where in the world.

bMoA and Thierry Meyssan both conclude - independently - that the recent Geneva meeting between ‘Biden’ and Putin was the defeated Az empire suing for face-saving peace terms from the victors - lead by Russia - in what Thierry styles ‘World War III’: the 119 states pitted against each other in the Syrian war, as he puts it, in which the US side has been decisively beaten. Mainly, I would add, because the Az empire is now a tottering ancient which has used up almost all of its lifetime allotment of Jing (ultimate, life-powering energy, given once only, at birth, according to Chinese acupuncture theory).

In this condition, the best that the Swampies can manage in the way of global realpolitik is to devise ways to surrender with minimum loss of face. They simply can’t muster the means to do any more than that.

That’s my optimistic wish-dream, anyway! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I share your wish RG. The only point of concern that I felt reading the MoA piece was the fact that if a hot war were to open up with Iran, US forces in Iraq and Syria are sitting ducks, so out they come. Let’s hope that this is not a premonition of a US/Iran conflagration…


One thing is abundantly clear - any ‘withdrawal of troops’ will not be for benign reasons - clearly the psychos have a different tack up their sleeves - - a hot war with Iran sounds plausible - demented as that would be!!!

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