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US supplied ATACMS punching a hole in Russia's air defence

Worrying developments on the apparent capability of ATACMS to hit important targets in Russia, and in particular the choice of targets that UKR is aiming at.


Thanks A for these pieces, they fill in some of the gaps.
What a grim situation though.

Clearly those Ambassadors weren’t shaken up sufficiently, not that the U$A was among their number. After what seemed a heartening pause NATO doubles down again. Thug Starmer seems to be looking forward to issuing threats along with the rest of them.

On the positive side I believe the damage caused is relatively straightforward to repair.

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Not sure what to worry about most. Nukes or collapse…West is falling apart rapidly. It’s gonna be worse than the Soviet collapse, because they kept everything fixed right up until the music stopped. We all know how maintenance is avoided in the west due to profits.