US Attacks BDS for Same Reason Nixon Started Drug War

I wonder if this will affect the court case currently pending for Abby Martin, who got hit by the same bonkers law that you can’t get a job, or give a lecture at a university unless you sign a pledge to never boycott Israel.

Totally bonkers.

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No harm in hoping PP.

I work (not teach) in a UK university and an Ordinance on Academic Freedom is currently out for consultation. On the surface it is well drafted and I don’t doubt sincere. But of course there are some real world caveats let’s call them.

A crucial one says that members of the academy should “understand that the public may judge their profession and institution by their utterances”.

The public of course includes Hasbara and other malign actors, Countdown dolly birds, and the dense vanguard of cancellers. The reputational damage to the academy occasioned by a coordinated attack will be very difficult to resist.

(Read: will not be resisted.)

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