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Ursula von der Leyen - Not only a crook, but a liar

Her words to the Atlantic Council and I don’t believe they were just a poor choice of words …

" You, dear Prime Minister, showed me the meaning of this proverb during the G7 summit in Japan last year. You brought us to your hometown of Hiroshima, the place where you have your roots and which has deeply shaped your life and leadership. Many of your relatives lost their life when the atomic bomb razed Hiroshima to the ground. You have grown up with the stories of the survivors. And you wanted us to listen to the same stories, to face the past, and learn something about the future."

“It was a sobering start to the G7, and one that I will not forget, especially at a time when Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons once again. It is heinous. It is dangerous. And in the shadow of Hiroshima, it is unforgivable.”

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I agree. The speech will have been scripted for plausible deniability but clear intent to deceive. She is a real piece of work, matched by Jens Stoltenberg. He does at least provide hilarious body language and facial tics. She is cold-blooded aristocrat through and through, unfazed by the lives of the millions of people she was never elected to serve.


“Yes, sanctions really harm ordinary people. But I don’t think we have a choice.

Russia and the Russians understand that the situation in Ukraine has to be paid for, and it is very important for us to show this.

If the countries of the collective West stopped helping Kiev, then perhaps there would be no Ukraine and Russia would become very strong, which is unprofitable for Western countries.”

— Elina Valtonen the head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry

Clown world

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I totally agree - leaving out the USA by accusing the atomic bomb on its own to be the cause of the razing of Hiroshima is almost a new grammatical voice - active, passive and inanimate active!
The ability to confuse the verbs “threatens” and “use” combined with “once again” in a complex sentence will be sufficient to confuse or excuse most “fact checkers” for blaming Russia for everything, “once again” :wink:!
Anything said in the “shadow of Hiroshima” is unforgiveable if you leave out the words “we will only use nuclear weapons as a defence if our very existence is threatened” - imagine if Japan had had its own nuclear deterrent would it not have threatened to use it against the US if the US were to have threatened to nuke Hiroshima - would these words also be “unforgiveable”?

Given that there is ample evidence that Japan wanted to surrender before the nuking of 2 of their cities but the US ignored this to threaten Russia in case it made further moves in Europe and Asia - the real unforgiveable message of Hiroshima is : the US will always commit genocide if it knows it can get away with it.