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Upgrading the 5F server

Hi Everyone

so, the time has come to upgrade the server that is running our little community as we no longer have enough disk space to run the necessary software upgrades that come through.

This is what Sir Terry Pratchett would have called “Terror Incognito” for me - unknown territory. I will attempt to perform this upgrade on our friendly cloud server soon, and cross my fingers that it all goes smoothly and with no loss of data. I’ll also look into how the backup system works etc, in case I need to do an emergency something or another.

This is the first warning that I’m set to engage upon this crazy path. I’ll keep everyone informed as a I go.

This will also double the monthly cost for running this space from a tidy 5 quid/month to an eye waterning 10 quid/month.

Fingers crossed.


Thank you.