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Unconscious bias towards stuff that makes sense

One of the joys of retiring from A Certain University is that I may never have to attend an Unconscious Bias course again. These go by many aliases but very often kick off with an exercise very similar to the one satirised below.

The on-point autistic common-sense depicted is also very appealing. A few more of us and this planet might just stand a chance.


There’s only two on that list I would take. Leave the rest of them to their fate. I guess I’d fail the test?


Depends on whether continuing the human species is regarded as a good thing…


I’ve now had a proper read (as opposed to a skim) of the article. I know the discussion is spoof, but I am unsure as to whether the ‘test’ itself is real. Is it real or a spoof as well?

If it is a real test, then I would guess all the posters here and probably a huge majority of the general population would fail dismally and be sent to a camp for reprogramming!


The problem I have with the list is what value are they if you’re going to be starting over? No farmer. No hunter. No handyman. No fabrication of any sort. Not even an electrician.

You aren’t going to save much for long regardless of who gets picked


Yes, it is a real exercise and is part of an EDI training pack. The exercise is open-ended, in the sense that there is no recommended solution, and designed to get people talking about issues (e.g. is a racist cop worthy of saving? who said he was racist? are all cops like that? and so on).

Unless very carefully moderated these sessions tend to turn into a virtue signal extravaganza with people playing their “I’m in that minority” trump cards. Which can be multiplied by the biases of the moderator.

Stonewall have been particularly egregious here in the UK, labelling any caution regarding the rights of minors to be therapied and surgeried, regardless of the wishes of their (oppressive, transphobic) parents. But having the Stonewall logo on your website is still, at least for now, construed as an end in itself. Regularly scheduling training on EDI is one of the tickboxes as I recall.


Makes me wonder how any of us over 40 managed to navigate the real world without any EDI training! :rofl: :rofl: