Did anybody catch UK Column as it streamed today - or at least know whether or not it did indeed stream today - - I’m drawing a great blank on UKC today - - I pray nothing has gone down badly for those chaps - they’ve steadfastly stood tall and I’ve been worried for their wellbeing for a while.

As you’ve probably already seen, it’s just gone up on the UK Column web site…

I haven’t watched it yet. I notice they are now putting their videos on Odysee. I don’t trust any of these platforms. I’m a bit out of touch with the techy stuff, but it didn’t used to be that difficult to put video directly on your own web site, video that could be opened directly with a browser or media player. Ok, you don’t get the same audience as YouTube, et al, yet with the ever increasing censorship this surely must be the way to go?


Phew! Cheers, Rob - I shall hasten along and watch it right away…

…still, I worry for the guys - their ballsiness is to be respected no end.


I’ve never watched the live stream, preferring to time shift and watch in the evening, so picking up an MP4 would make no difference to me. For a while I re-uploaded to YT but they got wise to that.

Video of an hour or more in length demands time and attention and feels like more of an overhead than multiple newsflash pieces would. WhatsHerFace does this very well, for example.

Too much waffle and reading slides aloud diminishes the impact, unfortunately. The Friday editions tend to be more punchy.

I’m a big fan and supporter but it’s time they stopped trying to look like The News and adopted a more limber approach.