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Two videos on the Israeli genocidal project

First Max Blumenthal


My respect for this guy keeps growing. His depiction of a Palestinian surgeon performing a leg amputation without anaesthetic on his own daughter will stay with me forever. I will never forgive our government for supporting this brutal genocide.

The second video is Alastair Crooke taking a dive into the morass that Israel is finding itself in now. It’s clear that there will be no 2 state solution here. And no 1 state solution either for that matter.

Hezbollah, and Iran seem to be more than a match for the IDF. Even Hamas is kicking the IDFs arse at the moment … Perhaps the nuclear war that LY was referring to in the climate thread is round the corner after all*.

*Unless the aliens that have been watching over us for the last few hundred (thousand?) years just don’t let us use our nukes and destroy ourselves… UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed (2016) - IMDb