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Two analyses from the emerging Igor Chudov

Two recent analyses from Substacker Igor Chudov, who made it onto the Highwire recently…

I’m only showing the main details and outcomes.
In the first analysis Chudov compared South Africa and Portugal. Here was his rationale:

" Let’s explore. South Africa and Portugal are on the opposite sides of the vaccination spectrum : South Africa is barely vaccinated, while in Portugal, reportedly, “there is no one left to vaccinate” (read that story, it is something)."

5/6/22 Ba.5 is a “Variant for Boosted People”

South Africa vs. Portugal: Same Variant, Opposite Outcomes

Over to Chudov: his conclusions were:


Both countries are experiencing a “BA4/5” wave

It was no big deal for South Africa

The same wave is deadly for the overboosted Portuguese and the deaths keep rising

Covid looks to be “mostly over” for unvaccinated South Africa and is “only getting started” for totally vaccinated and mostly boosted Portugal.

While no two countries are alike, this is a very alarming finding. Mind you, just about everyone in Portugal had Covid by the end of last winter. Thus, this current wave of infections and deaths in Portugal is driven by reinfections.

‘Boosted’ by this surprising outcome, Chudov went and got more data. In the second analysis, he analysed the European countries for which good booster data are available.

24/7/22 Boosters now PRMOTE covid deaths in Europe

The countries he analysed are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Note that this analysis is only about the effect on COVID DEATHS, not any vaccine side effects…

He analyses 3 periods:

Jan 1 - Mar 31 (three months). Result: Significant protection from boosters (p=0.004).
Mar 1-May 30 (three months). Result: No sigt protection, though marginal drop (p=0.68)
Jun 1 - Jul 23 (almost two months). Result: Significant association with death. (p=0.004)

(These are regression analyses)
He then discusses the results. He puts the reversal of booster effects down to things like re-infections and immune tolerance.

It goes without saying this is a big data set.
I noted somewhere that it looks likely from basic world data that countries that went big on vaccination are finding themelves higher on recent covid deaths.



The pattern comes clear: The poison-stabs bugger up people’s immune system, so that they become vulnerable to ills which formerly they would have shrugged off.

I was speaking to a friend only yesterday - a man in his fifties - who is now in precisely this fix. He actually spoke the classic line: “I wish I’d never taken the shots now.” (He’s had three!)

He’s been diagnosed with a widespread malfunction in his connective tissue. He said that it’s a recognised syndrome and has a name, which I didn’t catch. But he was actually told that it’s to do with failure of a damaged immune system.

How long before we insist on a halt to these damned useless-for-anything-but-money-grubbing* injections, and the bringing to book of all who’ve been involved in pushing them on an over-trusting, propaganda-stampeded public?

*Plus possible long-term wilfully-planned fertility-destroying de-population effects.

PS: This week, BBC Radio 3 is running a Cornish feature in its morning music programmes. It was supposed to be presented by the very well-liked Petroc Trelawney - whose proudly-cherished nationality is obvious from his name. He’s been trailing it for a week or so. But then, late last week he started to sound rather croaky, as he admitted. And he revealed that he’s been hit with one of those troublesome ‘Summer colds’ that’s going around very noticeably now. (The bloody thing even tried to make me miss my beloved grand-daughter’s wonderful pagan hand-fasting marriage ceremony, at our friends’ farm on Saturday; but I saw that off with a SMO-level blitz of vit-C, and went anyway.)

So now, poor Petroc, who was confessedly looking forward to presenting this paean to his native land, is off sick, and his place has had to be filled by his colleague Kate Mollison. Still, at least she’s a fellow-Celt; of the Scottish persuasion…

Petroc hasn’t revealed his ‘vaccination’ status. But waddya bet?


I had the ‘summer cold’ a couple of weeks ago, it really attacks the throat and creates a cough. My theory is that the multi vaxxed are, via the spike protein and its mutations, creating a new cold bug. It’s very strange for people all over the world to get a cold at the same time in the summer. A family member in a retirement center in the USA is locked down because everyone working there and living there have the ‘summer cold’, and of course they’re all vaxxed to the maxx.