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Tiananmen Square: 30 Years of Propaganda How the West Created the Myth of a Massacre That Never Really Happened

Thought provoking article, quote; "There are some things concerning history that we simply know to be true without having to research them or look any deeper into their validity. They are established and popular facts. Things that have always been true and always will be correct. One such thing that we all know to be certain is the “fact” that the Chinese military slaughtered thousands of innocent and peaceful student protestors at Tiananmen Square in Beijing in June of 1989… Only they didn’t.

“As far as can be determined from the available evidence, no one died that night in Tiananmen Square.”

Jay Mathews, Columbia Journalism Review

The myth of the slaughter at Tiananmen Square should be immediately familiar to anyone who has been following events in North Korea. Recent reports that originated in the South Korean media suggested that Kim Jong-Un had died. Twice. The source for the claims was Japanese media and the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo. Chosun Ilbo has a track record of printing fake news about North Korea in conjunction with campaigns by South Korean intelligence.

In 2013, the newspaper printed an allegation from an “unnamed source” in China that 12 people had been executed by firing squad, including Hyon Song Wol, the ex-girlfriend of Kim Jong Un. The reasoning behind the executions was said to Hyon making a sex tape that was then sold and spread into China. Apparently, she was machine-gunned. The news was again repeated throughout western media without question. The problem with this, of course, is that Hyon Song Wol is alive and well and, far from being shamed and out of favour, was elected to the Workers Party’s Central Committee in 2017.

In 2016, it was General Ri Yong-gil who had allegedly been executed on charges of “factionalism, abuse of power and corruption”, the execution claiming to be more “evidence” of a “reign of terror” by Kim Jong Un. Yet again the news was repeated through the mainstream western media without question. Of course, General Ri Yong-gil had not been executed at all. Again, just like Hyon Song Wol, he was quite alive and serving as a member of the Workers Party’s Central Military Commission. In 2018 he returned as the army’s chief of general staff with Reuters saying he was “known for [his] unquestioning support of leader Kim Jong Un”.

Just last year, it was the turn of Kim Yong-chol to be “executed” by the North. The propaganda collapsed after he was seen in pictures released by North Korean state television that showed him attending a musical performance held by the wives of Korean People’s Army officers in Pyongyang. Again, Western media sources had wasted no time in reprinting these allegations without fact-checking. The long history of South Korea and the West claiming the North has had people executed on a whim are beginning to be exposed for the propaganda that they are.

Unfortunately the biggest lie of all persists.

As with North Korea, China is an insular and closed culture, making the dismantling of propaganda all the more difficult. China didn’t have the benefit of social media in 1989 to quickly pick apart the narrative that would dominate popular perception for China for a generation. As with North Korea today, the campaign of disinformation has been immensely successful in souring the public perception of a Western ideological rival.

The Times, June 5, 1989

The fact that nobody actually died at Tiananmen Square is not debatable or open to interpretation, it is a known fact amongst the political establishment and the mainstream media in the West.

Sparked by the death of reformist leader Hu Yaobang in April of 1989, the Tiananmen Square protests were a reaction to the changing nature of China, moving from the age of Mao into the international economic superpower that we see today. The relaxation of financial rules allowed for corruption to re-enter Chinese society and create a wealth gap between newly affluent citizens and the working poor. Like most protest movements, those making up the bulk of the protestors had no single ideology. While there was indeed an undercurrent of calls for democracy, the thrust of the protests was not a people “yearning to be free”, but rather an anti-capitalist stance against corruption and the new direction of the state.

The United States has a tried and tested methodology of undermining governments and arranging coups. There are uncanny pre-echoes of events 25 years later during the 2014 Ukrainian revolution at Maidan Nezalezhnosti, the central square of Kyiv and, equally, more recent events in Hong Kong.

As with both these examples, there have always been claims that events at Tiananmen Square had been influenced and encouraged by the CIA. In just one example, rationing of petrol was in effect in China during 1989, only being available to embassies, government ministries and for the small number of the public who owned cars. Yet arson was rampant during the protests, with a considerable amount of Molotov cocktails being used against security forces. Many of the protestors were armed with automatic weapons.

Enflamed by passionate but angry agitators, the initially peaceful protests turned increasingly violent, and the unprepared authorities lost control of the situation, leading to widespread insurrection throughout Beijing. Despite attempts by the police to negotiate with the protestors, Premier Li Peng even meeting protest leaders on national TV, firebrand radicals refused all possibility of negotiation​ and seemed to be intent in spilling the blood of the state.

Since the beginning of the protests, Tiananmen Square had been surrounded by soldiers armed with little more than truncheons. Once protestors began burning vehicles containing soldiers and even lynching and mutilating state forces, there was little choice but to move against the protests.

Images of these atrocities by protesters are freely available online and are not posted here due to their graphic nature. The images, which serve as primary evidence against the Western narrative, can be viewed here. Once again, readers are advised that these images are extremely graphic and depict mutilation and burning of human beings through mob violence.

The bulk of the protestors were not actually students, but workers. It was the workers who had created and occupied the barricades that the Chinese tanks so famously smashed through, it was the workers who were responsible for the killing of Chinese soldiers and it was the workers who continued to resist the army once they had entered the square. The real students in Tiananmen Square were allowed to leave in peace while the agitators continued the battle throughout the evening, leading to the majority of the deaths.

On June 13, 1989, The New York Times issued a correction after it has published claims first reported in the Hong Kong newspaper Wen Wei Po and then the San Francisco Examiner that protestors had been shot at Tiananmen Square. The NYT clarified that while people had been shot, it wasn’t at Tiananmen Square.

“The article does not correspond with accounts of other witnesses on important points… State television has even shown film of students marching peacefully away from the square shortly after dawn as proof that they were not slaughtered.”

New York Times, June 13, 1989

These claims are responsible for many of the falsehoods about Tiananmen Square that have been told ever since. They originated with a Qinghua University student who alleged students were machine-gunned in front of the Monument to the People’s Heroes in the centre of the square. The issue of bias was never raised. However, the accounts that nobody died at the square were further confirmed on July 12, 1989, when a Latin American diplomat provided an eyewitness account of events in Beijing via a cable later released by Wikileaks.

Chilean Second Secretary Carlos Gallo stated that he witnessed the military enter the square “and did not observe any mass firing of weapons into the crowds”. He added that “most of the troops which entered the square were actually armed only with anti-riot gear–truncheons and wooden clubs.”

“Although gunfire could be heard, Gallo said that apart from some beating of students, there was no mass firing into the crowd of students at the monument. When poloff mentioned some reportedly eyewitness accounts of massacres at the monument with automatic weapons, Gallo said that there was no such slaughter.”

Diplomatic Cable, 1989, released by Wikileaks

People indeed died during the six weeks of protests that swept China, but it was a number far lower than the absurdist 10,000 figure such as the British government suggested, one that was spread by the BBC in 2017. China has long accused Britain of being behind much of the propaganda​ campaign that was constructed after the non-incident at Tiananmen Square, suggesting that it was an attempt by Britain to avoid the return of Hong Kong to Chinese authorities in 1997.

The video below shows the level of propaganda that was being disseminated. Containing claims of shooting and slaughter at Tiananmen Square that was widely debunked by those on the scene, it ignores the fact that many of the burning vehicles highlighted early in the video contained members of the Chinese forces. These vehicles were seen in the disturbing images referenced earlier." Go to: https://blog.michaeleastwriter.com/tiananmen-square-30-years-of-propaganda-e0fb288ef24 for full article.

So he’s coming down on the side of attempted “leftist” Leninist coup really…

Here are the rest of the images (be advised): http://xahlee.org/Periodic_dosage_dir/tiananmen_64_1989.html

Weird though, how does propagandising against a capitalising regime help a capitalist? That Britain alone would be responsible? Big risk to take for an old colonial base far away surely?

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Numbers of possible reasons are contained in an article on the ABC news site, and commented on by one Matt Bevan in this interview this morning:
Bevan is a pathological and fervent fake news hound, creating and pushing a whole series of lies about Russia with his series “Russia are you listening”. Now he has been focussing on China, and found out some surprising ways that the story of Tiananmin Square was wrong 'in some details". This is based on finding that those details, read out by a teary Bob Hawke and luridly describing tanks running back and forth over bodies of students, were “not correct”, and had been derived from a briefing sent by the Aus embassy in Beijing, based on information from a source previously regarded as reliable, who disappeared afterwards!
Bevan doesn’t conclude that the source was CIA of course, nor explain anything about the real situation, nor mention that Wikileaks had its own cable. Julian Assange is a non-person in Australia, of less interest than Roman Protasevich. With the pathological and ignorant Sinophobia here, there is simply no interest in anyone suggesting Tiananmin square was not a massacre of innocents, leave alone that it was a UK/US intel agency stunt to claim it was.

That revision of the truth is about as much as the public could bear.


I was rattling around in a decent sized Southampton semi with a Chinese student that summer…he spoke virtually no conversational English and (of-course), I don’t speak Chinese, nevertheless, I got the impression at the time that he was trying to tell me; “this is not us!” I kinda’ dismissed him as a reactionary line-toeing party man…oooops… #perfidiousalbion

At least this didn’t happen…Gerard (frustrated); “only stupid people eaten by tiger!” ans; “honourable grandfather eaten by tiger!” On the Long-March apparently (it happened quite a lot, the tigers would hide “upslope” then pick off individuals as they walked past in single-file and carry them straight into the jungle downslope), …we didn’t discuss conservation again…stupid Gerard!!!
As a result of being friends with a Southampton student landlord (“live in” until a year or so ago), I have many Chinese friends…the lass in this story simply would not buy Japanese tech… lovely people…

"I’ve heard from several Chinese American friends (now US citizens), who lived in China in 1989, that the student leaders behind the Tiananmen Square protest/massacre (April 14 to June 4, 1989) were supported by the CIA.

Oh, come on, I thought, another conspiracy theory!

However, my curiosity was stirred, so I spent hours hunting the internet for clues that this might be true. I discovered several coincidences that raised an eyebrow.

The U.S. Ambassador in China at the time, James Lilley (April 20, 1989 to 1991), was a former CIA operative who worked in Asia and helped insert CIA agents into China. President H. W. Bush served as Chief of the U.S. Liaison Office in Beijing (1974 - 1976) , then went to serve as Director of the CIA (1976 - 1977).

Why did President H. W. Bush replace Winston Lord as ambassador to China (1985-1989) during the early days of the Tiananmen Square incident with a former CIA agent? After all, Lord spoke some Chinese and was a key figure in the restoration of relations between the US and China in 1972. Wasn’t he the best man for the job during a crisis like this?

I returned to my friends and asked, “How do you know the CIA helped the student leaders of the protest?”

“It’s obvious,” was the answer. The reason, my friends explained, was the fact that it is very difficult, almost impossible, for anyone in China to get a visa to visit the United States. Yet most of the leaders of the Tiananmen incident left China quickly and prospered in the West without any obvious difficulty. After these student leaders came to the West, many were successful and became wealthy.

I returned to my investigation to verify these claims. Let’s Welcome Chinese Tourists was one piece I read from the Washington Post documenting how difficult it was to get a visa to visit the US from China. I read another piece in the Chicago Tribune on the same subject. My wife told me her brother and two sisters were denied visas to the US.

After more virtual sleuthing, I learned that Wang Dan, one of the principal organizers of the Tiananmen incident, went to jail because he stayed in China when most of the student leaders fled. Today, Wang lives in the West and cannot go back. Two others went to Harvard and a third went to Yale. Where did they get the money? It’s expensive to attend these private universities.

How about the other leaders who fled to the West? “Some have reincarnated themselves as Internet entrepreneurs, stockbrokers, or in one case, as a chaplain for the U.S. military in Iraq. Several have been back to China to investigate potential business opportunities.”

Then there are the Dalai Lama and Tibetan separatists who have received CIA support. “The Dalai Lama himself was on the CIA’s payroll from the late 1950s until 1974, reportedly receiving $US15,000 a month ($US180,000 a year). The funds were paid to him personally, but he used all or most of them for Tibetan government-in-exile activities, principally to fund offices in New York and Geneva, and to lobby internationally.” Sources: The CIA’s Secret War In Tibet and the CIA. “Retired CIA officer Roger E. McCarthy published his book, which describes his role in support of the CIA’s assistance to the Tibetan resistance to China’s occupation of Tibet, which began in 1950.”

Yes, the circumstantial evidence was compelling, but maybe all of these facts are just a coincidence." The Truth about Tiananmen Square protest is that it was a CIA-backed revolution -- Puppet Masters -- Sott.net


Bob Hawke will have been keenly aware of the fate of Gough Whitlam, I expect this helped focus him on the narrative.

Another great share GK thank you.

Two observations.

I can’t recall meeting any Chinese person I didn’t immediately like, there is something in their cultural make up, politeness and consideration in particular, that disarm me. Westerners I distrust, by default. (Happily I’m soon proved wrong in many many cases, but less so the upper middle class and higher stratae).

To conclude that the Dalai Lama is a useful idiot wins one no friends in naive touchy feely Mahayana/Vajrayana circles where he is universally revered.

He is a lovely man, and a great teacher, but too palsy with the California Mindfulness zealots, too fond of having his photo taken with celebs and appeasers, and much too forgiving of the sexual misconduct that is rife in Vajrayana. A tool.

When you rely on alms this is always a risk of course.


" https://www.globalresearch.ca/brief-introduction-tibet/5697967

Westerners appear to have a willful blindness about Tibet, with strong opinions often held by those who haven’t been there and whose knowledge appears gleaned from misguided propaganda in the popular press. The Western media have imposed on our imaginations an image of a fabled theocracy where a reincarnated god rules over a peaceful people spinning prayer wheels in a pastoral idyll. The West’s fascination with Tibet has turned it into a mythic place upon which we project our dreams and our own spiritual fantasies. The result is what I call the Shangri-La syndrome (1), millions of Westerners choosing to believe in an attractive but wholly mythological, romantic fantasy which has never existed.

The first adjective that would come to mind about Tibet is ‘desolate’. Those who have been in the far North beyond the Arctic Circle, or above the tree line in the North American Rocky Mountains or the European Alps, will have some idea of the Tibetan landscape – which is 10,000 feet above the tree line. There is nothing hospitable about the isolated conditions or climate in Tibet and few of us would live there by choice. Tibet is a high-altitude desert with little oxygen, almost no rainfall, and harsh temperatures. Only sparse numbers of the hardiest animals can survive there and, in much of the land, the severe climate means that nothing, or almost nothing, can grow. No one in Tibet has ever seen a tree or even a bush.

Native Tibetans are not dissimilar to the Mongolian ethnic groups in China, being partially nomadic but susceptible to education and societal structure with built stable communities. It is noteworthy that few Tibetans will naturally or spontaneously engage in commerce whereas virtually all Chinese will do so, leading Westerners to view the Han Chinese shops in Lhasa as ‘commercial exploitation’ or some such. This is perhaps an aside, but this is one reason we see no street beggars in China (except for one subset of Xinjiang Uigurs). Even the most impoverished Chinese old woman will purchase green onions in a market, lay them out for sale on a cloth on the sidewalk, and live independently.

The Western press refer euphemistically to Tibet’s pre-1950 social structure as a benign ‘feudal system’, but it was no such thing. When Mao went in to clean it up, Tibet was a slave colony. Virtually all the people were literally owned by the Dalai and other lamas, the people forbidden to own land, and worked their entire lives without pay. The highest monks each owned 35,000 to 40,000 slaves.

The level of poverty in Tibet (outside the monasteries) until the 1950s could not be imagined by Westerners; it would have to be seen to be believed. Tibetans couldn’t afford fabric clothing, still wearing sheepskins as they did centuries earlier. Life was brutal, harsh, and corrupt. Life expectancy was barely 30. The prettiest girls and boys were confiscated to the monasteries for sex. Education was forbidden to all but the monks because education was expensive and educated peasants were considered dangerous to the system. The Dalai Lama prohibited any development of industry because wealth of the population brought independence from the religion. The Lamas, however, sent their children to British schools in India, and freely transferred the Province’s financial assets to British banks.

The so-called Tibetan religion was so intertwined with government as to be inseparable, and was merely a method of population control – with more forcible methods when religion failed. To this end, torture was rampant. For anyone who cares to look, the internet contains no shortage of photos of the torture rooms, especially at the Potala Palace and Gandan Monastery, with instruments used for crushing fingers and cutting leg tendons. There are handcuffs of many sizes, including small ones for children, instruments for cutting off noses and ears, others for breaking off the hands. One favorite of the Dalai and other Lamas was an ingenious method of gouging out eyes. They had carved a special stone cap with two holes that was pressed down over the head to force the eyes to bulge through the holes, in which position the eyes were gouged out, after which boiling oil was poured into the sockets. (2)


"Shangri-La (for Lords and Lamas)

Religions have had a close relationship not only with violence but with economic exploitation. Indeed, it is often the economic exploitation that necessitates the violence. Such was the case with the Tibetan theocracy. Until 1959, when the Dalai Lama last presided over Tibet, most of the arable land was still organized into religious or secular manorial estates worked by serfs. Even a writer like Pradyumna Karan, sympathetic to the old order, admits that “a great deal of real estate belonged to the monasteries, and most of them amassed great riches. . . . In addition, individual monks and lamas were able to accumulate great wealth through active participation in trade, commerce, and money lending.” [8] Drepung monastery was one of the biggest landowners in the world, with its 185 manors, 25,000 serfs, 300 great pastures, and 16,000 herdsmen. The wealth of the monasteries went to the higher-ranking lamas, many of them scions of aristocratic families, while most of the lower clergy were as poor as the peasant class from which they sprang. This class-determined economic inequality within the Tibetan clergy closely parallels that of the Christian clergy in medieval Europe.

Along with the upper clergy, secular leaders did well. A notable example was the commander-in-chief of the Tibetan army, who owned 4,000 square kilometers of land and 3,500 serfs. He also was a member of the Dalai Lama’s lay Cabinet. [9] Old Tibet has been misrepresented by some of its Western admirers as “a nation that required no police force because its people voluntarily observed the laws of karma.” [10] In fact, it had a professional army, albeit a small one, that served as a gendarmerie for the landlords to keep order and catch runaway serfs. [11]

Young Tibetan boys were regularly taken from their families and brought into the monasteries to be trained as monks. Once there, they became bonded for life. Tashì-Tsering, a monk, reports that it was common practice for peasant children to be sexually mistreated in the monasteries. He himself was a victim of repeated childhood rape not long after he was taken into the monastery at age nine. [12] The monastic estates also conscripted peasant children for lifelong servitude as domestics, dance performers, and soldiers." https://dissidentvoice.org/Articles9/Parenti_Tibet.htm

My introduction to Tibet was via the works of T.Lobsang Rampa (a sort of “Tibetan Carlos Castaneda"), …

Seven Years in Tibet..

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Link seems to be broken but this reprint works


I recall Lobsang Rampa being described by Fortean Times as The Plumber From Lhasa (in fact from Devon). Parallels with Castenada very apt.

But great yarns.

Superb…as Castaneda said; “it matters not”…

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On a personal level I admire the man…after all he’s eschewed a reincarnation…and self-determination is a human right!

Too right Karen - and the story of how Whitlam was removed by the CIA via the US ambo in Canberra - Green? - has been well told by James O’Neill and others. It followed Whitlam’s threat to do away with Pine Gap, so he had to go. But most commentators and historians here continue to believe the lie about Kerr and the Queen. - and are now completely buckled under the heel of Uncle Schmuel.
I think the Chinese must be a very tolerant and philosophical race to put up with the sort of shit thrown at them here for the last few years. Many have roots here in the 1850s Gold rushes, as well as being well established in businesses, but are still smeared and targeted and distrusted. It was very refreshing today to see the NZ FM, who is a Maori, standing firm on why NZ didn’t have to always kowtow to the Five Eyes - something to send a shiver through the cabal. She knows what the colonials did to her people, so isn’t about to tell the Chinese what they should do on 'human rights" - as she said today. I’m afraid that Jacinta Ardern may well keel over under pressure, and under threats of being barred from some cooperation.


Thought I’d update this with the horrific images posted of what protesters had done to troops around the “Gates of Heavenly Peace”:




Thanks for the reminder GK - as it also reminds me of what I apparently wrote about Jacinta Ardern a year ago, which has subsequently proved correct, only worse! JA has not just keeled over but has become another anti-Chinese and anti-Russian US collaborator and eager member of the Five Eyes. Perhaps like Macron she was always a bit of a plant, and I certainly had suspicions that the Christchurch massacre was a stunt to get the Islamists on board. Yet the Neo Nazi who killed them is now being supported in Ukraine - or his brothers are, and with full assistance from NZ.

On China, just today it was revealed that the Aus spy plane that was hounded when flying over the Sth China Sea was identifying potential targets in the case of armed conflict. We made a huge fuss over the fact that a Chinese fighter jet was sent up to buzz our plane and throw some chaff at it, but the very next day sent another spy plane over the same area. Both launched from the US base in the Phillipines. DYOC.!

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