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"This Vaccine Is the Most Dangerous Vaccine Ever Created" Video of Interview

"Fox News Stuns World With Unfiltered Truth: “This Vaccine Is the Most Dangerous Vaccine Ever Created”

Steve Kirsch: “Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by this vaccine, and millions have been injured.”" https://twitter.com/neildphoenix/status/1560073623225872384

& https://twitter.com/BrandiGirl10/status/1560572951225073664


Good finds, G. Thanks!

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It’s not a vaccine, there is no ‘virus’, there are no ‘pathogenic viruses’.

These ‘leaders’ of the ‘alternative community’ like Kirsch and Malone have these things in common: they promote virus theory, they believe in ‘conventional’ vaccination, they claim to have ‘had covid’ and they get airtime.

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Great find and amazing for Fox ‘News’. The bit I liked was the interviewer saying “We can’t verify those numbers …”

I stupidly thought that it is the job of reporters to investigate and verify (or disprove) information as important as this?


You’re right of course. However, terrain theory and ‘viruses don’t cause disease’ is a step too far for many who were previously rigid adherents to the germs cause disease camp (to which I, like most uninformed people used to belong).

What I do believe is that people like Malone and even McCullogh are now wavering on the issue of what causes disease, even though they can’t yet come out and say it.

PS I am no longer uninformed!

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Alan, I too claim to have had two brushes with - well, something - which were just a small bit beyond my usual experience with respiratory - well, again, I can’t call them illnesses, since they haven’t made me actually ill for going on thirty years now - so shall I say ‘incidents’.

I could call them ‘covid’, perhaps, since they came at unusual times - Summer in the case of the ‘omicron’ alarm - and they made just slightly bigger ripples in my normal state of health than usual.

As I always do whenever these first early indications of something up respiratorially creep above my conscious threshold, I blasted them with mega-C dosing, and away they went, as usual, with no sweat whatever.

It’s these, and other people’s - unusual - experiences with flu-like ills during the time of the covid scam that make me think that there really was something unusual going about, a real illness, though with a miniscule IFR of less than half a percentage point, and easily treated with time-proven generics; possibly human-tampered, possibly an entirely spontaneous evolution; but something real, at least.

And since there has been, very clearly, this criminal attempt by - well, some ring of plotters - to erect a global ‘pandemic’ panic on this slightly odd flill, I reckon they must have known about it; something about it, not clear what exactly, just that it was coming; maybe because they knew that - well, someone - was going to release it.

Like a growing number of people, here and elsewhere, I no longer feel easy with bandying the word ‘virus’ about, because that whole concept has certainly come under serious question - again!

I usually assume that many are now using the word as a metaphoric shorthand for ‘something or other which appears to cause flu symptons in the vulnerable’; maybe a virus, if they really exist; maybe something else, which we’re now going to have to re-conceive differently.

It’s an awkward interim situation just now. But that doesn’t mean that all the adequately up-to-speed people who still use the ‘virus’ shorthand are still completely sure of their existence. A lot of them seem to be on the difficult road to ditching a time-honoured concept that they’ve believed all their adult lives. Emotionally tricky process! And one that takes time.

One thing, though, which does seem to get more and more established the more we ask: it seems that no-one - anywhere - can actually produce a purified, physical sample of a Sars-Cov2 ‘virus’; and certainly nothing that’s passed through the Koch verification process to prove that it’s the causative agent for ‘covid’ - the flu-like thing. If there is a bloody ‘virus’, where is it? Show me!

Awkward situation. But I too feel increasingly confident in saying: there was NO pandemic; there doesn’t appear to be a physically-produceable covid ‘virus’; and it may be that the whole ‘virus’ concept is wrong, and ripe for binning. Those conclusions at least look pretty nearly certain, by now.

PS: Also established now, pretty well beyond doubt: the poison-stabs are a mass-killing, mass-crippling lethal disaster, deeply criminal, and with unknown longer term risks; useless as medical assistance - but very good money-grubbers…

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“we have lost 344,000 younger Americans to something besides Covid and non-natural death, during the period from 3 April 2021 to 6 August 2022.”

Any feedback on this article below? It’s way beyond my knowledge of statistics.


Mine too. I think I’ll wait for the other two parts.

The notion that deaths are being reclassified in large numbers suggests to me that someone is trying quite hard to juke the stats.

Attributing excess mortality to the problems that built up during lockdowns doesn’t seem enough of an answer. But it’s probably a factor.

See also


There is absolutely, definitely a dangerous vaccine - and they manage to get airtime opposing the false vaccine narrative, both at significant personal cost. Malone is one of the most reliable voices, and Kirsch is one of the most prolific activists. More mc2 to their elbows.


My wife always complains that I precis explanations. The author here obviously subscribes to the “Why use one word when a thousand will do”. If I was studying for an exam, I’d wade through it but got bored and gave up.

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I hate to have to say what all the real experts are saying but there is something going about. Poor health and 5 gee! Look at Wuhan, Then northern Italy. The US clusters. I can personally relate bouts of vertigo to local dates of 5 gee being implemented and I live in a rural area, but with it live within several kilometers of my home.

Just in case you think David Icke was exagerating about it covering the planet, look at the map here which shows the ground based installations. Then think about the thousands of satellites already launched, raining down on all our heads.


Hey, Pat - you rural dwellers benefit from the govs’ RuralFirst scheme: 5G RuralFirst - Case study - GOV.UK
You see what good eggs our leaders are…they care so much for you rural folk that they want to ensure that you don’t miss out on this fabulous technological boon!

…or is it a case of ensuring there’s no escape from toxic soup?!

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Yes, it seems serious, significant but oh-so wordy/indulgent, and times three too. Badly in need of a Pat precis . Maybe we could cover the story in shifts :neutral_face:

So when the NAVS claim that HIV was created in a lab…you can only say “no it wasn’t”? What did all those people die of guys? If you’re going to claim AIDS comes from a different source name it…

It’s been proven that a lot of them died of the medicine they received as ‘treatment’.

If you want to hear the real source of the alleged ‘AIDS’ deaths, G, study Tom Cowan et al’s explanation. Considerably more persuasive than a Fauci-promoted hallucinated ‘virus’. Along with the SARS ‘virus’, it begins to seem quite realistically as if no HIV ‘virus’ was ever found and demonstrated to the onlooking world to be a real thing. Just another of Big Pharma’s panic-driven WealthPowerStatus-grubbing rackets.