This *ought* to stop the whole covid sh1t-show immediately

Mark Sexton

After numerous telephone calls to NHS England, Public health England, The department for Health and Social Care and the Yellow Card Scheme I have been provided with the email address for Nadhim Zahawi, the minister in charge of the vaccine program. Also the email

Address for the Covid vaccination team at NHS England. I have emailed them the following. Feel free to email them your concerns as I have.

Dear Mr Zahawi and Covid Vaccs NHS England.

My name is Mark Sexton I am a retired police constable from Birmingham.

I am making contact in order to bring to your urgent attention some very disturbing facts and information that have come to light over the last few days.

On the 31st of May 2021 a report was released on to the Internet from a Dr Bryam Bridle from Canada. In the audio he is expressing some serious and grave concerns surrounding the vaccines for Covid 19.

This is a direct quote from the audio.

“ We screwed up, we didn’t realise the spike protein is a toxin, does this mean everyone vaccinated is manufacturing their own spike protein in their own bodies.”

He goes on to say “ the spike proteins travel to the brain, the heart, the kidneys and the ovaries. This is going to cause serious problems for every vaccinated person.”

On the 30th of May 2021 a Twitter feed was picked up and sent to me the feed is from a Dr Ah Khan Syed.

The feed is talking about a study from Pfizer where serious life changing and life-threatening effects have been brought to light surrounding the vaccine for COVID-19.

The report is alluding to composites from the vaccine settling in the ovaries and other organs.

This fully supports the report by the Canadian doctor, Dr Bryam Bridle.

Serious menstrual irregularities, reproductive dysfunction, heart inflammation and blood clots are occurring. There are reports to suggest there is a 2000% increase in miscarriages.

This information is of huge concern, it is so disturbing I am asking for and demanding all vaccines for COVID-19 are stopped as a matter of urgency in order to protect the public from serious harm and death.

It is also documented that Polysorbate 80 is contained within the vaccines and this is known to cause issues relating to fertility.

Prior to these reports coming out and on Tuesday, the 25th of May I attended the four biggest hospitals in the West Midlands. The Queen Elizabeth, Heartlands, The City and Solihull hospitals.

I was sent a research report from Slovakia suggesting the PCR tests are contaminated with Hydrogel and Lithium. Such was my concern I reported this to the police, they in turn forwarded this on to Special Branch to investigate. I deem this to be a targeted terrorist attack.

I took it upon myself to attend the four hospitals mentioned above, this was in order to make them aware of my concerns re the PCR tests.

Copies of the Slovakia report were given and to allow them the opportunity to withdraw all PCR testing kits.

All PCR kits are made in China.

While I was at all four hospitals it was confirmed to me by doctors, nurses and members of the administration staff they are having a significant increase in patients. The patients are suffering with heart inflammation, blood clots and serious menstrual irregularities.

All of these patients have had both doses of the vaccinations.

It is therefore incumbent upon you as the minister overseeing the vaccination program and the Covid vaccs team for the rollout of these vaccines to order an immediate cessation of the administering of the vaccines.

An investigation must be carried out into these serious allegations coupled with the worrying information relayed to me, in person, from all four hospitals to suggest these two reports are factually correct.

I would also like to add the yellow card scheme is a very disturbing read the deaths from the vaccine are over 1300 and the serious injury and damage being caused is in the hundreds of thousands. The damage these vaccines are causing is now a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions and must be treated as a national emergency.

They must be stopped without delay.

It is of great concern and worry to me and to many others that you are rolling these vaccines out and giving them to our children, this must not happen especially and considering the reports from the Dr’s and the four Birmingham hospitals.

I will await your immediate reply before I go to the National press and media outlets. This is very scary and very damning information surrounding the vaccines.

The two links are attached here, also the report from Slovakia showing the PCR tests are contaminated.

1, Dr Bridle,…/doctor-on-covid-vax-we…

2, Dr Syed,…/status/1398803725272043520…

3, Slovakia report,…/4.2-analysis-of…

Yours sincerely

Mark Sexton

It ought to, R. But I think you already know the ‘Ignore-a-pleb’ approach that the gics and their servants apply to any mere common citizen trying to raise an issue with them. Sometimes the response comes with the well-understood affectation of courteous ‘thanks for bringing this to our attention’, but just as often these days there’s no tangible response at all, and there’s complete, perfectly-disciplined silence in the media about the matter. And, of course, there’s no deflection from the previous course.

At the moment, given the narrative-entranced state of so many of our fellow citizens, it’s actually possible to get away with this level of arrogance.

The only thing which gets through to the ruling gits is George HW Bush’s famous nightmare: “If the public really knew what we’re doing, they’d be chasing us down the street to lynch us.” When we common plebs are finally aroused enough from our trance-state to be doing just that, then will be the time when our wishes are heard and acted upon. Not before. Only active, present fear of the great beast brings the gics and their crawlers to heel effectively.

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