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These individuals are resilient ... and they depend on the world’s compassion and support

On Vanessa Beeley’s substack, a personal account from Gaza. This is just a snapshot from the Khan Younis Training Center (KYTC). The only choice amidst a relentless storm. Driven from their homes by unceasing conflict, individuals and vulnerable groups have sought sanctuary at KYTC. Hope mingles with despair in this place, where conditions are far from ideal…


• Total IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons): 22,093

• Families: 4,290

• Children under 3 years old: 1,006

• Persons with Disabilities: 234

• Cancer patients: 16

• Newborn babies with their mothers: 52

• Vulnerable individuals before displacement: 561

• People with chronic diseases: Approximately 300

Living Conditions:

• Space per person: Less than 2 square meters per person.

• Toilets available: 24

• IDPs per toilet: 613

• Daily solid waste generated: Approximately 20 tons

• Food shortage: Families face dire uncertainty due to a lack of food supply.

• Privacy and Space: The per-person space is alarmingly inadequate, leading to a loss of privacy and social issues.

• Skin Diseases: Scabies and other skin conditions proliferate due to insufficient water and hygiene.

• Drinking Water: Most IDPs are left with no choice but to consume irrigation water, endangering their health.

Infrastructure and Utilities:

• Electricity: Unavailable since the first day of shelter operation.

• Power source: Generators running on fuel.

• Fuel shortage: Restricted fuel entry into Gaza Strip adds to the crisis.

• Water source: An in-house well, primarily used for irrigation and toilets, necessitates electricity for water pumping.

• Wastewater system: Overwhelmed and facing flooding issues.

• Sanitation: Toilets and bathrooms are in deplorable, unsanitary conditions.

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