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There's 'secret' and then there's 'secret'

There’s ‘secret’ and then there’s ‘secret’, and I’m bollixed if I can tell the difference :wink:

When I saw the headline from New York Times the other day (and I didn’t bother reading the article at that point) I laughed ironically at the phrase “How the CIA secretly helps Ukraine…”


Here’s a very good summary of why this really was a big deal, even if it is the “most unlimited limited-hangout…” as Jeff Childer characterizes it.

Budanov’s sardonic confirmation of how Navalny died was equally revelatory, and astonishingly well-timed. I wonder how ‘Yolanda’ (as ZZZiden named the widow Navalnya immediately after meeting her) is getting on with her ‘tearful (sniggering) widow turned political hero’ campaign…?


Hi @KarenEliot , if you’re looking for an unlimited hangout then I just watched this for an hour - Tucker Carlson uncensored with Mike Benz was like Whitney Webb on steroids pulling aside the curtain on censorship and the US state, and showing how the first amendment is being destroyed :


there is a transcript but you’ve got to join up for $6 a month!