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The US is on the road towards escalation

I know most of you will have already read this. I’m curious as to people’s opinion. Did it seem likely that being seen to lose in Ukraine is too painful for Biden? Is he really going to go suicidal?


Incidentally, the full text of Putin’s speech is here

I read most of it and it certainly doesn’t read like a man in trouble, isolated and worried. This is a supremely confident speech from someone who is not impressed by the recent tantrums (plural tantra?) thrown by the collective West.

There’s no doubt who’s running the show…

Interested in all thoughts about the coming Armageddon.



I’ll coin a - dreadful! - word to describe the likely response of the loonycon Swampies (not Biden, he’s just a ga-ga puppet; the delusional criminal faction which is running him): the word is fantasescalation; a portmanteau of ‘escalation’ and ‘fantasy’.

My hunch is that the USAmerican military ‘hegemon’ is being laid bare progressively right now, by events in the Ukraine, to be a ballsless paper tiger. Neither it, nor its underling appendages in ‘NATO’, are going to be able to counter the Russian gambit with any even remotely effective conventional military response. (An effective British response? Really? Grand Fenwick takes on the world! ROFLMAO!)

And there are enough sufficiently-sane people, both in civilian politics in the Swamp and amongst the genuinely-patriotic career military, who understand clearly that a nuclear gambit by the US would bring instant devastation - civilisation-ending devastation - to both the continental US and to its underling states in the Anglozionist empire, from the modernised - and currently unstoppable - Russian nuclear arsenal.

Note that the Russians are currently continuing their slow, methodical, infrastructure-damage and casualty minimising conquest of the Ukraine with only a relatively small expeditionary force, not even made up for the most part of their crack forces, whilst holding the great majority of their military power in reserve (and with their entire nuclear force openly-announced to be on continuing high alert in the background).

Confident/determined, or what? Vlad doesn’t bluff.

If a nuclear outbreak seemed really close, I’d expect those sufficiently-sane people in the US to stage a coup-d’etat in Washington, and arrest the loonies.

(Additionally to the situation, there’s the wild-card of the human-generated poltergeists - currently characterised in popular startrekkytechietechie culture as ETs in super-space-ships - which have been interfering with the ageing, iffy and in-need-of-refurbishment US ICBMs in their silos; but that’s a whole other conjecture…)

For almost the whole of my life, the chatterati have been entertaining themselves with horror-stories about nuclear annihilation. So far, it’s always been a Chicken Little panic. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen. But it seems to me that it’s much more likely that the DC-delusionals will try their other option of firing up another expendable-‘islamic’-loonies war somewhere else - re-igniting Syria, for example - to try to proxy their way to a - fantasised - victory over Russia. Their delusional aim is to conquer and divide up Russia, install puppet regimes in many balkanised inheritor statelets, and then rape the whole of Siberia to death, of all its natural wealth; whilst also picking a fight with China over Taiwan…

Gangster-capitalist BAU at its last gasp, in other words. And this as the Long Descent begins really to get into its stride? Yeah, right…

My money goes on the bet that Russia - with China hovering supportively in the background, and with a growing range of dissident countries gravitating to their BRICS+/BRI/SCO/EAEU-axis, away from US overlordship - will go remorselessly on, as the Russian war-machine does once it starts to roll, until it’s ended the SMO to its overall satisfaction.

That will also include, probably, the complete outing of ‘NATO’ as the empty sham that it is; together with the US crashing down into a close analogy of the collapse which overtook the USSR in the '90s; as is happening right now, in fact.

To my mind, the Putinistas, with virtually the entire Russian populace behind them, have decided that enough provocative crowding of their borders is enough, and now, having nowhere left to retreat to, they’re determined to put a final decisive end to the nightmare of big-bully USAmerica, calling the shots everywhere.

Those days are over. As JMGreer puts it in his latest essay, ‘The Twilight of Empire’:

“The horrifying realization creeping through the corridors of power in Washington right now is that the US no longer has the power to enforce its will in eastern Europe—or, potentially, much of anywhere else.”

I agree with your assessment Rhis. Two small things to add. Listening to Vanessa Bealey, it seems that the Syrian government is slowly taking back occupied (by jihadi’s) territory. This is while Erdogan seems to have overplayed his hand (or maybe hasn’t reveled his hand as we know he is a slippery customer never to be trusted) and is now distancing himself from previously supported jihadis. So maybe with the recent strikes on Syria, the US/Israhell are working on opening another front.

The second thing (and I haven’t had it confirmed yet) is that Russia has suspended gas sales to France. If that is correct, come the winter, that is going to be massive and Macron knows it. I’ll bet that behind the scenes, he’s worming his way to keep the US happy but always with a careful eye on his own position.


I even read through the second part of Vlad’s speech about domestic economics, I’m not quite sure why. The global outlook he described is truth, it’s as simple as that.

If the Deep State wanted to wheel out a puppet to take all the flak then Biden is the perfect guy. I very much doubt he is suicidal, he’s more the cornered animal type with that inherent vicious streak. (BTW I’m about one-quarter through the Erich Fromm book The Anatomy Of Human Destructiveness)

I agree with @RhisiartGwilym that there are some adults in the US power structure and share the hope that they will curb the Blinkens and Nulands; the sociopaths who have elbowed their way into power not based on any merit at all but on their sheer self-belief that they are special and deserving.

America cannot continue to bully others into submission and a majority of the world knows this and may feel emboldened by VVP’s wisdom and courage. I’m not sure though that European nations and other NATO vassals realise that they can escape the protection racket. They have marched so cheerfully into the cul de sac with the rainbow bunting and performative “I’m offended by that” posturing…and may not be prepared to reverse direction.

In the US the Democrats are likely to be wiped out as a political force for quite some time. Much as I sneer at the facade of democracy (to paraphrase Vladimir) the whole identitarian complex of pronouns and flags and contempt for history has got to be burned down. The either/or politics of the US has done us all some favours, eg the retreats on mask mandates, so I’ll be cheerfully watching the Democrats as they self-immolate.

But I don’t expect to be spared the pain and that is a dreadful prospect.

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Oh and as a PS to the above I’m sorry to say that the fundamentals aren’t likely to change, as summarised by Jarvis below. Contains foul language but no other words really suffice.

To paraphrase that Tyson comment: “No-one’s prepared to change direction, until they get punched in the mouth.”

That’s what’s happening to the Anglozionist empire right now: the punch in the mouth that’s sobering them up.


I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. Doubling down still seems to be the weapon if choice. Boris has just volunteered more military services, and the yanks are still agitating. Army boss is talking big in the Mail.

We also haven’t seen any serious electronic warfare. An S400 took the world record for distance to shoot down. It was about 93 miles away, give or take. Was about a month ago. That alone should have been a wake up. If the Russians decide to turn on their S500 system in Moscow, they’ll have trouble taking off from Brize Norton without being seen, and potentially shot down.

Nuclear apocalypse? Too early to say. There’s the small chance that one or two maybe used instead of total destruction.

We’re definitely in WW3. Kaliningrad looks to be the next location for the roadshow. Interesting times as they say.

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Well, there’s certainly a lot of the headless-chickens-running-about syndrome, from the likes of Bozo, the gang that run Biden, and the EU ballslesswoodentops; but nothing much that looks like substantive counter measures to Russian action.

I doubt whether we’re going to see any - actually-effective counter measures, I mean - because I doubt that the Az empire has any left. Just lots of posturing and threat-throwing. Shovelled-smoke, in fact.

They tried the only practical measure that they had - sanctions - and that’s blown up royally in their faces. The only thing left is nuclear suicide, which I suspect the crazies will be restrained from trying; or failing suicide, capitulation to the inevitable; the ‘acceptance’ phase of the famous ‘denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance’ cascade.

Talking of Syria, I can’t really understand why Russia hasn’t used their s400 to start downing Israeli planes that keep harassing them. They have more patience than I would, that’s for sure.

I’m unsure as to whether this adds to the confusion or aids the understanding of what is going on but something is definitely afoot.