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The Tabula Rasa – A Clean Slate

H/t Mighty Drunken on Craig Murray’s blog:

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Case 1 – The Tabula Rasa – A Clean Slate [Wed 23 Sep 2020]

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I’ve barely begun to dip into it yet, but already I’m desperately hoping that someone will quickly reassure me that it’s only a “conspiracy theory”, because it looks like all my worst fears rolled into one, an imminent science-fictional apocalyptic corporate shock-doctrine dystopian hell on earth, a new Jerusalem built to Mammon in England’s green and pleasant land. Scary, scary, scary stuff. Who needs H. P. Lovecraft?

Hey @Twirlip.

I’ve started reading this and it’s amazing. Thanks for posting (I think!)

The techno-utopia described feels exactly like the gameplan to me. I can see exactly how appealing the notion of a “country operating system” would be to a tech-worshipper like Cummings.

A very interesting Rees-Mogg connection too…

I’m not that far in myself yet, but I have to say my gut reaction is that this is spot on.