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The rise and rise of Sir Kier Starmer

The Corruption Behind Starmer’s Rise Has Finally Been Exposed

It was Dark Money wot won it.

H/T to Jonathan Cook

though the substance is from

a new book by PAUL HOLDEN

and a (paywalled) Sunday Times article

The secretive guru who plotted Keir Starmer’s path to power with undeclared cash

Morgan McSweeney, 46, spent much of Jeremy Corbyn’s reign researching how moderates might regain control of Labour and turn it into a party of government — but failed to declare donations that paid…



I read the Novara article earlier today and found it not very specific. While I don’t doubt a word of it, the backing of Israel for the Labour Right ought to be made much more explicit. Or is that what the book is for?

Given Keef’s bluster and imposition of party whip I was quite surprised at a sizeable ‘rebellion’ of Labour MPs who voted for the pro-ceasefire amendment to the King’s Speech. Even Jess Philips. Fifty-something.

Hold your nose and click for more details :wink:

Philips is notable since she is one of the Labour Friends of Israel, and has been egregiously in favour of the Labour Right for a long time now. Maybe she’s retiring from the House and feeling demob happy.

I took the list of MPs from the LFI website and came up with a figure of 71/202 MPs being members of LFI, which is 35%.

I could not find a list for Conservative MPs but Conservative Friends of Israel have said 80% of MPs are members. (As well as encouraging close ties with Israel, etc etc, CFI specifically links the Tory and Likud parties.)

AFAIK this is nowhere near as high a degree of penetration as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), but still a potent voting bloc. The campaign funding rules are way stricter in Britain than USA of course. That will probably change, and whether the rules are honoured… is moot.

None of the above implies that UK parliamentary democracy is an acceptable system.
The fact that none of the above specifically mentions genocide in Gaza does not imply it is acceptable to me.

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I trust a viper more than I trust Novara.

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I’ve heard that said before, if not in as many words. Please refresh my memory as to where they came from.

Didn’t know I’d quoted someone.

They threw Chris Williamson and Jackie Walker under the bus. I stopped following them shortly afterward. My suspicions have proven often since