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The Psychology of Totalitarianism

Whilst I don’t agree with everything that Desmat says, this is a really good interview with Ivor Cummings. My apologies if its already been posted. I had a look and couldn’t find it.

I’m still scratching my head with regard to what’s happened over the last few years. ‘Insane’ doesn’t adequately describe it…

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I’m not especially familiar with Desmet’s line of reasoning, mainly because it just doesn’t seem very original. Whenever I read about his study, and now his overpriced book, I soon zone out because this has all been said before. In particular by Antonio Gramsci, Louis Althusser, various Frankfurt School writers, Rene Girard, the Madness Of Crowds guy whose name I forget, John Ralston Saul, Ian Hacking, Michel Foucault, Gustav LeBon, and so on.

Well done to him for speaking out in the first place, not a risk free option in today’s Academy, but apart from the novel term “mass formation” and using CronyVirus as a case study… meh.

… oh and Hannah Arendt of course.

Very good interview, thanks for posting Rob. He explains the ideas very well. I also like his “transcending rationality” near the end of the interview.

And to be fair to him, he does quote Gustav le Bon and Hannah Arendt (repeatedly). I also think its very timely and pertinent while the example of Covid is very fresh in our minds; eg the attitude of someone like Chomsky to those refusing the experimental injections.

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To paraphrase Patrick Henningsen recently: it’s a shame Chomsky didn’t read his own book.

Unkind? Yes probably. But funny.