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The Moonlandingz

Something a bit different.

Having spent several enthralling days down a very specific rabbit hole…

Did Apollo astronauts really land on the moon? Y/N

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Incomplete poll questions! How about a ‘Don’t know, maybe, maybe not. There are serious unexplained anomalies.’ option?

And maybe a supplemental question: Has your position changed after the last year and a half? :wink:

I agree with other commentators that you should have an ‘Unsure’ option.

My latest memoir, called An Anxious Life, was almost finished, but then my father died in 2019 and the book ground to a halt (my father and I always had a very difficult relationship).

An Anxious Life is my latest memoir, but it covers the first 18 years of my life. The title comes from the chronic anxiety attacks I’ve suffered from since I was a child. I was attempting to explain what it’s like to suffer from such a condition. No, I’m not trying to publicise the book, because it’s unfinished and is not yet published, and may remain so.

Anyhows, if interested, here’s a brief excerpt of my memories of the moon landings in 1969, when I was a five-year-old child…

In 1969 we had a big black and white tv set at 29 Midfield Avenue; and yippee, there were now three different channels we could watch! although the channels only put out a broadcast from about 4pm to midnight. During July 1969 there was a quite amazing thing to see on the tv, and all the channels covered it. The Apollo 11 mission was the first strong memory that I have, when humans first walked on the moon. The BBC covered the event with an 11 hour broadcast throughout the night of 20th and early morning of 21st July. Part of this live coverage included a group called Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd performed an instrumental piece called ‘Moonhead’, right there in the BBC studio alongside a panel of scientists and commentators (no, I’m not making this up). As a five-year-old child, I watched the tv coverage totally gobsmacked, because I was half able to understand what was going on: those grainy pictures of men in space suits, bouncing around in dusty slow motion on a glowing orb that hung in the night sky.


Oh, and Karen, if you want to go further down the rabbit hole, you can try this one (if you haven’t already seen it)…


(click on the blue link if it doesn’t work here, or swipe the URL and post into your browser)


How dare you question my scientific either/or methodology. I’m afraid that as penance you must spend 23 hours reading Reddit with pegs to keep your eyes open.

All I remember was the Wagner music.

I’ve often wondered about the asynchronous bleep sounds on Brian Eno’s album, definitely some kind of code.

An Aladdin’s cave of swag. Thanks


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The theory that Kubrick sent out messages in The Shining pointing to his involvement in the faking up of the moon landings is both fascinating and like a lot of these sorts of things, fun. It’s continually rubbished (as you would expect), but there comes a point when the coincidences reach ‘critical mass‘ and cannot he ignored; it’s not as if several of his films aren’t about mind control. Of course, I’m sure he was aware of the rumours and so he might have just been having a laugh!


The Room 237 film, if I remember the title right, is massively entertaining.

The continuity errors and mistakes are intriguing but I’m sure if one were to study any film in that much depth one could find adequate proof for more or less anything. Wizard Of Oz is another, and lots of David Lynch’s stuff.

Twin Peaks: The Return has a scene based on stock footage in which a Lear jet (or similar) has sun reflections on the windows. Added post production and therefore Got To Mean Something.

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I accept that ‘number crunching’ virtually any film could produce results, but there are very conscious decisions in The Shining that surely make it more than just coincidence. What they’re doing there though is a whole other question!

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Tsssk, can’t imagine what that means.


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Do you know, I’ve still yet to see that! It’s Mr. Cruise that puts me off. Must gird my loins…

In the role of a conceited pipsqueak who is very seriously out of his depth TC was perfect.

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Okay, you’ve convinced me!

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Hey Karen - don’t fly too high, but if you do, do a better job on the wings! :wink:

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This is brilliant stuff from Richard D Hall - who I’ve a lot of respect for since watching his series a long while back which exposed the Madeline McCann kidnapping fraud. (It’s about 12 hours worth of videos and available for free download on his website for free) and Peter Hyatt.

Thanks for posting - another fraud exposed IMO!