The Media Lens Book Of Obituaries – Deleting Tutu’s Criticism Of Israel

H/t Craig Murray on Twitter:


First time I’ve looked at Media Lens for yonks, good share, thanks @Twirlip (and Craig). Such a relief to see David Edwards on form.

The image is so very apt. The Archbishop pulled quite a lot of his punches, not least in his role with the Truth And Justice Commission, but that’s what wisdom sometimes requires. Restraint, forgiveness: a great example of a man of endless compassion, just as His Holiness, on the left, is.

I wouldn’t quarrel bitterly with those who accuse Gyalwa Rinpoche of being a useful idiot, as he has certainly aided USA/Western agendas. But these imperfections are what make us human.

The symbol on the left and right of the photo, somewhat like a Celtic Knot, represents how wisdom and compassion are intertwined. (Some also say ‘politics’ and ‘spirituality’.) The golden fishes represent freedom and fearlessness (abhaya)


A perfect photo and a damn good article.

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