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'The Longhouse' explained: where Karen rules

In certain corners of the online right you encounter a term that is at first glance puzzling, “The Longhouse.” Maybe you have heard this term. Maybe you have wondered what it means.

I had, and if you have too, or merely want to read an interesting take on how technocracy, secularism, and Woke are indissolubly linked to the cult of the Head Girl* I’d recommend this article:

*I’m referring here to the wave of WEFoid political leaders like Maia Sandu, Annalena Charlotte Alma Baerbock (yes, really), the late Nicola Sturgeon, honorary female Justine Traduced, Sanna Marin, that weird New Zealander, and on and on the list goes. Their gender is no more the issue than mine is, it’s the mask of Niceness and rationality while the stiletto enters the ribs. See also Mean Girls:

“OMG Karen, you can’t just ask people if they’re white…”

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The video clip was funny but brought up my pet hate; Africa. As if it’s a country rather than 30 odd countries and 80 odd languages. And the article. Well I could only understand half of it because of phrases like “More fundamentally, the Longhouse is a metonym for the disequilibrium afflicting the contemporary social imaginary.”

However, where it seemed to be sensible, was on the stats.

Comments I’m picking up from Russians whom I read (in English) make it clear that “there is a world elsewhere” (Shax - ‘Coriolanus’), where the people look at this sort of idiot-fad tosh with bemusement - and, increasingly, with hilarious amusement. Russian women seem to have zero difficulty with embracing and ennobling ‘traditional’ women’s roles, whilst at the same time getting deeply into previous men-only enclaves.

I expect wokery and karenism to be nothing but a puzzled footnote on the history of these times, when the fall of the Anglozionist empire comes to be studied by successor historians in the RotW. All these grotesqueries seem to me to be the larger scale-equivalent of the breakdown and dissolution of sick cells, as witnessed by microscope. The Western empire is in just such a breakdown phase of its history: rotten, and dissolving.

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That very phrase had me fulminating too Pat and you’re right that the whole thing had that PoMo inpenetrability which seemed OOP for what seems to be a publication on religious thought… but I can’t say it’s a field I’m familiar with. At least I can now make sense of some of the articles that use this neologism.

OOP = Out Of Place, pioneered in Fortean Times I think for OOP animals, such as the great black cats of Bodmin Moor.

Let’s hope so Rhis. I think Woke is a deliberate distraction from more pressing issues and an effective way to blot out class struggle. How C19 of me.

I saw a clip yesterday where Karen happily sits down on a neighbour’s low wall and lectures them about how dressing their female toddler in pink clothes will cause untold psychological trauma, especially if they grow up to believe they are “some other gender”. These people are beyond satire but I think she (oops, how dare I assume the pronoun) was sincere and genuinely thought she was helping.

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I saw this and thought of your shared article;

An interesting idea is slowly gaining traction. Doubt much will come of it, especially here in Europe. But, it seems that pushback is occurring.

Comments are interesting. From the ones I glanced at, many non whites agree with this action.

As a black dude, I support this. Nothing more revolting than meeting a woke feminist at a bar railing against white men because she thinks it will please me

I love sunshine in my life, and seeing this actually happen at the scale imaginable would have me laughing for days afterwards.