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The Horror of Israeli tanks firing directly into Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza - Chris Hodges

The ultimate war crime - the deliberate targeting of a major hospital in Gaza, Al-Shifa, containing tens of thousands of innocents.
In this piece Chris Hodges describes the live horror he sees through the lens of a left behind camera:

contrast the mealie-mouthed UKColumnNews Gerrish who 2 days after the above horror doesn’t find this ultimate war crime worth reporting on today:

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Thanks for posting @CJ1 . I picked this up from the comments. Just a coincidence of course.

20 June, 2023
Hamas agrees to let the Palestinian Authority develop Gaza’s natural gas field, pending US-brokered negotiations with Israel, Egypt, and partner companies, in exchange for a share of revenues

Hamas, which runs the Gaza Strip, said it would allow in principle the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority to develop the natural gas field off the coastal enclave upon the successful conclusion of US-brokered negotiations involving Israel, Egypt and partner companies that would oversee the gas exploration and extraction, signalling a potential breakthrough in the complex and sometime secret negotiations.


Even Trudeau has spoken out.

Nutty Yahoo was somewhat indignant.
After all, it is well-known that whatever he does is Hamas’s fault :grimacing:

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Labour proposes amendment to King’s Speech as SNP urges MPs to call for ceasefire

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn has said Parliament must ‘show moral leadership’ and vote in favour of backing an immediate ceasefire

Apparently Labour wants a pause, on condition that Hamas release the Israeli hostages.
Talk about placing a safe bet…I didn’t see any reference to the thousands of Palestinian hostages held on a long term basis by Israel.

But things are brewing a little underneath Sir Stay Calmer, with some shadow ministers poised to defy the whip and there having been mass resignations of dozens of labour councillors.
I think the tipping point for Labour might not be very far away. This could be a house of cards ready to fall. Labour opposition could probably have neutralised UK support for Israel’s ‘campaign’ (sick lol).

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In one sense I would like the Iranians and Russians to go in here to stop the slaughter. The IDF tossers would last five seconds against them (for godsake they raised an Israeli flag on top of a bombed hospital).

In another sense it would mean another huge pile of dead bodies, and probably WWW3.

People really do need to have a sharp think about the psychos who rule us.

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Hamas-run health ministry says Israel destroyed parts of hospital entrance with bulldozers

The Hamas-run health ministry in the Gaza Strip has said that the Israeli army deployed bulldozers at the al-Shifa hospital, where Israel launched a controversial operation on Wednesday which it said targeted Hamas.

“Israeli bulldozers destroyed parts of the southern entrance” to the hospital, the ministry said in a brief statement in Arabic early on Thursday, according to Agence France-Presse.

If you don’t think there’s not going to be comeback to this you are perhaps on another planet.

But let’s ban RobG for calling it out as it is.

I know, I live in a totally insane society. Let’s kill all the babies, folks. DIE! DIE! DIE!

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“I love the whiff of sulphur in the morning”

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@RobG when you came back after your 6m sabbatical did you bother to read the posts before? Doesn’t sound like it.
No one has objected to your view of recent events (not much different from the expressed views of people here).
Lets not pretend otherwise - if you got banned it would be for abusing other posters or the board. There’s no badge of honour for that.

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I’m not sure why we should care if you’re bothered or not.
Several people have asked you, quite civilly, what you are on about.
So let’s just clear something up.
@RobG, can you point to ANY post that justifies your nasty slurs on posters here and the board?


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Hi folks, despite the black hood of the Israeli censor over all things happening in Gaza we get the light of truth leaking through occasionally:

of which I have only read this excellent media and propaganda analysis, so far:

This Turkish site reveals a few chinks of light:

One week in :






-but even this outlet fails to look at the real events in Israel on the 7th October, just repeating Israeli officials:
“The Israeli death toll, meanwhile, stands at 1,200, according to official figures.”

I’m sure there are lots of other sites, but nothing with news like qualities to keep the audience up to date and informed.



15 Nov 2023

There’s been a great deal of speculation about why western nations haven’t applied more pressure on Israel to declare a ceasefire in Gaza. One possible reason: U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s family business recently inked a $1.5 billion deal to exploit the natural gas resources off the coast of Gaza — a deal that will only proceed if Israel is in possession and control of the Gaza coast.