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The Hoopoe flies again

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Thanks Aly. The choice of name is really quite clever though al Mayadeen refers merely to “a type of bird”. I doubt it is that simple.

I remember a long time ago reading quite a few of those chunky James Michener novels like Centennial, Chesapeake, and probably earliest of all The Source. He span a good yarn. Anyway, in The Source there’s a chapter (probably several dozen pages) that revolves around an engineer/shamen type (I barely remember) called hoopoe.

And it is the national bird of Israel Caring, but not kosher, national bird for Israel
which is quite ironic in terms of much mythology (see below).

There was a hoopoe in a recent Alex Christoforou ‘walkabout’ video (I watch them most days now as he is usually quite funny, in a bleak way, and you see some great scenery, mostly in Athens). Alex didn’t recognise what it was.

Need I add that one of those myths has the hoopoe as a harbinger of war?

One of the few times I’ve seen one was at Rode Bird Garden (closed for 20+ years now) and it was extremely impressive.

I guess I’m predisposed, therefore, to being impressed by the Hezbollah footage and how it has been presented. But it does seem really epochal, and emphasises that Israel really is quite a small and fragile place. If it will deter the lunatics running that country I think, alas, very likely not.

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