The HART Christmas quiz

I fully expect to be at the bottom of the 5F league table, with a score of 9

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Make that joint bottom :wink:

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I didn’t do too well on this:

Thank you for quizzing. Let’s see how you did…

8 correct out of 17

I just went for the most preposterous answers. I particularly fell down on letters of the Greek alphabet that were skipped so that we got to the anagram ‘moronic’.

I’ve always been lousy at quizes.

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Additional question: What percentage of these stats. can be trusted as representing the objective realities accurately?

  1. Zero

  2. Er - that’s it. (With apologies to Private Eye.)

I made it to 10 but I would appeal the Santa question:
“Why was Santa arrested in Germany recently?
He wasn’t wearing a mask
He was meant to be isolating
He was illegally crossing the border
He did not have approved identification
Reports that he was arrested at a Christmas market for terrorising the children with his exposed smile were false. He was actually arrested for not providing identification to the authorities.”

He clearly did provide identification to the authorities - he said I’m Santa - it’s just that they didn’t believe in him! :wink:



Sorry @KarenEliot but I beat you at the rush to the bottom. However, I see @RobG got there before me. :sob: :sob:

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SNAP with KE and ED!!