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The Hancock files, some detail for those who don't read the Torygraph

Yes, I know it’s video. Yes, I know they still believe Convid is real. Yes, I know that they ignore the reality of the PCR “test”. However, if one doesn’t read the Torygraph, what is revealed by the ‘Hancock files’ is horrific. The guy is a despicable creature and the analysis by Jeffery Jaxen is worth listening to.

The anlysis goes on to show others involved and it’s more like the goon show, except it’s bloody serious.

Watch from about minute 46, episode 310.

If you’re interested, the first 40 minutes or so deal with legal cases against Gardasil for the HPV ‘vaccine’.


Let’s remember always that the lab-leak tosh is an attention-distractor. You can’t leak a virus for which no-one anywhere - including Wuhan or anywhere else in China - can produce an authenticated physical sample.

Not surprising really, if it’s alleged to be an example of a category of entities - viruses - which, it begins to appear, don’t actually exist at all.

If we ignore that canard, and don’t get drawn into taking it seriously, and wasting time arguing about did-they, didn’t-they release it from a lab - as we’re supposed to waste our energy and attention - we can concentrate on the material, such as the Hancock emails, which make it clear that the pocket-pols, their teenage SPADs, and their mediawhore circle-jerkers were all busily manipulating a fake panic, knowing quite well that that was what they were doing.

This tallies closely with the thesis, already emerging quite clearly in 2020, that there was no pandemic; there was no huge jump in all-cause mortality (though there were highly suspicious local spikes in - for instance - old people’s stacking barracks); that the PCR process is wholly unfit, as its creator vehemently insisted, for ‘testing’ for the - undemonstrable - virus; that the death-rate from respiratory disease during the covid-swindle was about what we’d expect from any ordinary seasonal flu (which had somehow mysteriously disappeared during the covid panic); and in Britain at least it was clear from their behaviour that all the people in the insider-cliques in politics and ‘news’ (except for the useful-idiot troobleevers)* knew perfectly well, from very early on, that the whole covid panic stank of a criminal fake - and yes: it was conspired :scream: up by a bunch of shysters/crooks. Johnson knew it, obviously, from his behaviour at the parties. We have to assume that Hancock knew it too.

It appears to my (psychic) nose - :slight_smile: - that the faction of tory turds in Paedominster who are fantasising about getting Bozo back for another stint in Downing Street :laughing: are busy pushing a public burning of Hancock, in their house magazine the Torygraph, to make him the allegedly responsible party for all the deceit and manipulation; as if Bozo wasn’t up to his wretched goolies in the wilful lying as well! Hah! Bozo could lie for England in the world Shyster Olympics, and harvest goals galore in the process!

*I wonder where the rancid Piers Moron sits on that spectrum? Useful idiot or cynical manipulator. I’d have to hypothesise a toxic blend of both. He is just an overblown hack, after all; a profession never noted for soaring IQs, but trained from cub-reporterhood in sniffing which way the bosses’ wind is blowing, and weathercocking accordingly. How to get on in mediawhoring whilst still being an ignorant left-school-at-sixteen thicko. Known plenty of those… :roll_eyes:

@RhisiartGwilym . I don’t disagree with any of what you say. However, I think there is a point that you are missing.

In my opinion, what these messages show is that the whole aspect of Convid was stage managed. “We have to scare the pants off them”. Or, “When do we deploy …”. For thinking people, especially those that swallowed the narrative hook, line, and sinker, this should be an eye opener. They are reading this stuff in the Torygraph. For some, it’s taken over from The Times as the newspaper of record.

I would hope that the hook, line and sinker folk (including members of my own family) start to say things like, “Well perhaps all your tin foil hat stuff was not so tin foil”!. Or, “Who the **** is Matt Hancock anyway?” Perhaps even, “Maybe there was no virus”, but I guess that’s another time when I wake up and coffee’s cold again?


Oh I always expected that stuff like this would start to leak out, Pat, trailing behind the swindle itself, but eventually showing it up for the fraud that it was.

I assumed that that would happen because I’ve watched precisely this slow process before, of truth slowly catching up with, and eventually over-hauling the lies, hare and tortoise style. (For example: troobleeving around the 11/9 false-flag is now present only in a defensive minority, I estimate; most of the world understands by now that it was a criminal fraud; though most of the world still has to catch up that bit further, with the apparent fact that the 11/9 conspiracy :scream: :laughing: was hatched originally in zionistan-in-Palestine…)

I see it happening all around me now: a sort of slow thaw, where people embarrassedly don’t actually say anything about having been fooled, but show by their present-time behaviour that they no longer believe the bs. Masks, for example, now begin to look like a slightly quaint signal of over-gullibility; most no longer bother with them.

I expect a stain of ‘pandemic’ troobleef will now be laid down in the history of this swindle; lots will continue to refer in passing to ‘the pandemic’, as if it really happened. But I think that what a lot of them are really doing, as wake-up dawns generally that we were conned, is just using that phrase as shorthand for the longer one: ‘the time of ‘the pandemic’’, without necessarily agreeing that it was real.

That question is being left politely untouched, amongst the assorted Brits tactfully carrying on their normal social relations with people whom they know to have been on the other side of the belief divide. How British! :slight_smile:

But still, the realisation of a gigantic criminal fraud is seeping widely into people’s unstated understandings, I think. Power to the Torygraph! Let’s nail as many of the lying crooks as possible, and work to see that contaminate as many of the other damned liars as possible. Keep sluggin’, folks!

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Rhis, it’s 9/11, the emergency phone number in America (911 is the equivalent of 999). Now there’s a coincidence, and I won’t even mention WTC 7, because the fairies made it go away…

With regard to Hancock’s half hour, I’m always suspicious of anything that appears in the MSM. I haven’t had time yet to look at the HighWire piece that Pat has linked to.

Will do so now.

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I’m with Stewart Lee on this, Rob: In British-English, dating goes day-month-year. So - 11/9! Too much USAmericanisation of every damned thing in Britain - and Europe… :slight_smile:

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So what caused the millions of deaths from HIV AIDS Rhis? Some dark magician must have their “power of suggestion” down pat if neither horse from the stable exists. “Move it along nothing to see here!” For both viruses (incl H1N1), and climate change? Peculiar bunch you are…May I ask where you were whilst myself and my colleges were attempting to convince people like Attenborough and Prof Iain Stewart that man made climate change is real? I’m assuming you were investigating all this in the 80s and 90s as we were? Still slavering after the application of the Malthusian gom-jabber? Aren’t all those fellow humans inconvenient? Inconvenient enough to believe that the science of vibrational medicine is key to solving our physical ailments…that we need a new paradigm of physics not that we can simply bury our heads and hope all the inconvenience goes away. You see no necessity to address the desperate danger that modern atomic physics (esp. particle beam), represents…mother will clean house and the virtuous remain? Ha! There’s no existential reality to the problem of our Thanotic urges for you is there?


Gerard, you’ve tipped your hand, bro. That letter that you copied here, that you wrote to your local council, was a model of lucid prose, and rational argument.

We know that you can do it.

So, when you post passages like the one above on this thread, my repeated response will be ‘Que?’, and no further attention.

If you want me to discuss the issues which seem to be exercising you, then lay them out in the lucid, rational prose that we know you can do. Then I’ll take your posts seriously. The incomprehensible screeds, otoh, will simply be left aside unconsidered, beyond initial identification as such. Up to you, G.

Also, as I said on that other nearby thread, I hope you’re getting recovered from the pneumonia, and if there’s any practical help that I can offer - as previously, if you remember - drop me an email and we’ll sort it. Best to you, buddy.

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Reply to @PatB’s original post.

Hi PatB, thanks for posting. Interesting stuff, I didn’t know there was dissent from some high-up people that was squashed.

Just as an aside, there may have been confusing movement of links at the Highwire, this is the Hancock link now HANCOCK CAUGHT RED HANDED WITH THE LOCKDOWN FILES - The HighWire.

I had him bracketed along with Whitty and colleagues but as the revelations show, Hancock was pushing the covid measures and narrative the hardest.
He clearly had personal ambitions, as seemed evident from his prioritising his own personal goals over others, also his post-minister reality TV adventures.

They do a good job at the Highwire of explaining the Lockdown File revelations; is the worst stuff in there though? Haven’t seen the so-called ‘Midazolam Murders’ there yet.

Hancock’s ambitions may not be in the realm of ordinary politics. He’s been a Tech Revolution Creepie since before ‘covid’; as here in 2018 addressing Davos for the WEF wonks:

Matt Hancock’s speech in Davos on Reimagining Policy-Making for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Delivered at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos

As ever, in his speech there’s a lot of likely restrictive tech control measures expressed in hopelessly vague language, dressed up as public benefits. Cut from the same cloth as the plandemic narrative.

At the end of the highwire video they seem to have Hancock’s number when talking about Washington’s ‘Domestic Violent Extremism’ bill, Jaxen asks would you want Matt Hancock to be able to call you a terrorist. Bigtree says that’s a scary thought.
But as they are clearly aware, there’s many other like minds Hancock will have met along the way!