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The Guardian is completely useless. Iain Davis on the truth behind the Grauniad's attack on Peterson and anti-15 min Oxford nudge policy

Hi folks, Iain Davis on the Guardian spills a barrowfull of beans in one short article:



Good to see Iain keeping it under 5000 words. The original article is risible. Basically, a stew of smears: hard-right, extremist, far-right, conspiracy theorists, WEF, yadda yadda yadda. They only omit “lunatic fringe” to avoid being labelled ableist.

But, worst of all, the notion is aired that people who would rather not pay congestion charges are just a heartbeat away from being sucked into the circle of tHe aNTivAXXeRs.

They do this deliberately to polarise every single issue into right-thinking Grauniad readers versus The Rest. Keep people afraid and they’ll do what we tell them (We Who Know Best, that is). It’s lifted straight out of the Goebbels playbook. Not “useless” but very sly.