The Edel-vice Tightens

Now here’s a surprise…


I’ll just leave this here. Worth another look in three weeks, no?


Hi @KarenEliot , it seems we’re working from the same spreadsheet :wink:


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The globalists are really taking the piss, starting this in Austria and moving it into Germany…


More on this Austria story.

15 November: Covid: Austria introduces lockdown for unvaccinated

Guess what happened?

“The week before the new restrictions came into place, almost 130,000 people in Austria chose to be vaccinated for the first time, the highest weekly number recorded since the second week of July.”
Link: Austria Locks Down 2 Million Unvaccinated Citizens

But then something else happened:

Austria rises up against “health dictatorship

The police and the army refuse to control the health passes in the name of “freedom and human dignity”. They will join a large demonstration against compulsory confinement on November 20, 2021 in Vienna.

Heartening if there is resistance by the police, army and trade unions
(Doesn’t the UK have those as well? :innocent:).

“Only a few days after Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg decided to confine unvaccinated people, politicians and trade unions are calling for a large-scale uprising against this uniquely liberticidal measure.
The leader of the Freedom Party (FPÖ), Herbert Kickl, called for a “mega-demonstration” on November 20 in Vienna.
Shortly afterwards, Manfred Haidinger, president of the Austrian Armed Forces Union (FGÖ), followed suit and joined in with the call in a letter published on November 14. He intends to “defend fundamental rights and freedoms”. The FGÖ specifies that “everyone” is allowed to demonstrate, even if they are confined!
The obligation of control imposed by the Minister of the Interior, Karl Nehammer, has already been rejected by the police union. In addition, the Union of Austrian Armed Forces announced that they will participate in the big rally in Vienna.”

These warning shots may have caused Austrian chancellor Alexander Schallenberg to throw a wobbly, and lock down everyone:

19 November: Austria to go into full lockdown as Covid surges

The BBC didn’t, of course, report the resistance by Austria’s army, police and trade unions, to which the lockdown may have been a response.

I’m not sure where this leaves the Austrian government’s intent to introduce compulsory vaccination in Feb.
In tatters, with any luck…


From Ian M at The Lifeboat News:

(I never go to the Independent website - that’s what it is, isn’t it? - so I’m glad that Ian M has quoted the article in full, in the Lifeboat link above.)
(By the way, I love the title of this thread!)


No doubt; maybe the time wasn’t quite right to segregate just the ‘dirty’. Very good news, but piss people off a bit more and that might change of course.

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@Evvy_dense @Twirlip Further to what ED reports above (130,000 supposedly rushing for vaccine), leaked by whom and for what purpose?

Once enough police and military refuse to enforce the tyranny, it’s over for the weffoid ‘young leaders’ (hah!) usurping power in Austria. Some ‘leadership’ those dorks are manifesting!

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As I posted elsewhere, this smacks of desperation.

Currently unjabbed, over 1 million
Prison population around 12,000
Prison capacity a bit more than the 12,000
If 10% of the population don’t take the jab and refuse to pay the fine they will have to queue up at the prison gates so as one comes out the next one goes in!!

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LOL - maybe some kind of timeshare system where Refuseniks whose birthdate is an odd number spend Sunday to Tuesday in the gaol with the evens (those AWFUL evens, ewww, keep away kiddies) doing Wednesday to Saturday.