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The Dying American South-West

We are witnessing the collapse of the western half of the continental USA in real time…

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We are witnessing the collapse of the American empire; and in historical terms it’s happening at lightening speed.

Amongst other things, this will involve the total collapse of the German economy, which will mean the total collapse of the European Union (love it or hate it).

I’m not talking about years ahead here: it’s all going to happen in the coming months; and yes, people in Europe really will be starving and freezing to death this coming winter.

It’s all been engineered, but that’s another story.

The desertification of large stretches of the USAmerican South West has long been part of JMGreer’s forecast for the near future. He has little doubt that it’s due to climate shift. He also acknowledges anthropogenic drivers. The details of such prophecy, though, he leaves open. I can’t quarrel with as much forecasting as he does. Whatever’s the main culprit, the SW does seem to be heading towards de-populated desert and semi-desert. Those high temperatures seem terrible. How does anyone cope; I’m half beaten by 40 degrees C!