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The Dimming, Full Length Geoengineering (Chemtrails) Documentary. A MUST SEE HIGHLY SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION

Highly scientific investigation into the global Geoengineering horror that is rapidly poisoning and destroying all life on earth including us. This highly toxic mainly aluminium nanoparticled shite is now being visibly created by high altitude aircraft in the skies where I live (near London) almost every day of the week including today. (But not yesterday - so nice to have a blue sky all day for a change and with no high altitude planes visible anywhere). The trails had already begun by 8am this morning and new trails continued to be produced until at least 1pm until most of what was a blue sky was turned into a white haze as the plumes spread out across the sky. The frequency of these occurences has accelerated dramatically over the last few weeks and months and for the last six months are a regular topic of conversation in our SITP group as well as many other groups in surrounding areas. Unavoidable really as we can all see it all going on with many planes at once belching out this crap in the skies above us in our local park. Anybody else?



I’ve been quite hostile to the concept in the past but I’ve changed simply by watching the sky here in Montpellier. It starts early in the morning, no clouds. Then the criss cross pattern of jet ‘exhaust’ fills the sky, you can watch the jets go high across the sky at perpendicular angles, then the lines diffuse and the blue sky disappears and we have a hazy white overhead.

Last week it was like this: one day, after some cold windy days, a beautiful day with huge cumulous clouds, like big sailing ships moving separately across the sky. It reminded me of my childhood. Then, the next day, the criss cross pattern, I watched jet stream after jet stream criss cross the sky and the hazy white dome appears. Then, the following day,complete cloud cover and some rain.

Oddly enough, that same day I saw it, there were reports I saw all over twitter, coming from different parts of europe, we started sharing our observation.

thanks for the link, I’ll watch it


That is exactly my position. Despite all the chatter, I had never seen anything really believable and put all the chemtrail preachers in the flat earth category. However, I too started to be a little more observant. Over a few years of observation I am now a believer.

Thanks @Rich Haven’t watched it yet, but will do.


My great teacher Muz Murray is a true chem-trail believer… the German military admitted to some experimentation a while ago…I do think some in the field would be better of fighting the more “grounded” issue of plastic waste incineration, nevertheless, I have an open mind on the subject (although I still don’t really see the point of what is being claimed to be done), anyone care to lay it out relatively simply for me?

P.S I have now watched the vid. (see below), thanks for posting it.


Hi @Rich. We were on Sheppey yesterday, living la Vida loca, and the flat featureless landscape gives big skies over Thames estuary and the Swale. It was a glorious clear day and the aircraft trails were very obvious. Today (only two miles away across the Swale) it’s a hazy morning with no sign of the sun.

I can’t claim that the latter is the result of the former but it becomes more salient when these sorts of reminders are posted.

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Having said what I said I took a bus-ride to (where I used to live), a local high st. just outside Southampton City Centre proper.
I live on a hill-top outside town looking down into the Itchen Valley so the clarity and light are often good (as you’ve seen), and I have to admit that yes I have been noticing them a little but today I think I can safely say that in all my years I’ve never seen so many expletive chem-trails you guys…then it clouded over and of-course they were no longer visible…!


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A similar story here Ev. Never had much faith in the Chemtrails thing, although looking back I realise now that there were a few occasions along the way when I had witnessed sort of lesser versions of what we’re looking at today. The turning point for me was having a cup of tea on a 7th floor roof terrace last August/September at around 10.30am looking upwards and seeing half a dozen large aircraft travelling very fast and laying trails from one side of the sky to the other at high altitude. At the same time there were a few passenger jets flying quite slowly at maybe 5,000 or 6,000 feet with zero emissions of any kind. These aircraft, I believe, had recently taken off from Heathrow airport and were on a flight path heading east. But the others were laying these trails and soon there were a dozen or maybe twenty of them flying in all directions laying trails everywhere. I watched this utterly amazing display for hours. Apart from Saturday we’ve had this every day for a week I think. Today was the biggest I’ve ever seen and seriously spectacular by 4pm. There were at least a hundred trails in the sky by then. They hadn’t spread out so much perhaps because the air was quite still with no wind today. The video is worth every minute of the two hours.


Hi Gerald - why not take some photos with your new camera?

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from a UK govt site

"SRM technologies reflect some of the Sun’s energy that reaches Earth back into space. Examples include the brightening of marine clouds and injection of aerosols into the stratosphere."

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Yeah…I was a little rushed but you are right…will do and I’ll post 'em here! Nb. It’s “Gerard”, both my father and grandfather were “Gerald”… thanks!

Oops sorry Gerard! Looking forward to the photos. No trails here today as far as I can see but it is quite cloudy. I wonder if these aircraft show on the Flight Radar website?

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If the govt. are more concerned about temperature rise than they let on SRMs might be being applied clandestinely as a stop-gap measure…this may have been true for a good while now…as they say such measures don’t decrease ocean acidification…they are of last resort against temperature rise…how long, I wonder, before a “temperature event” do they need to be deployed?

On the other hand, like Covid, if you don’t have a cure or counter-measure yourself why release it? Are they just stupid? Those who believe in conspiracy must consider this for surely these things are planned and measures are taken to minimise impact both on the perpetrators and those who invest in them.

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Greenhouse Gas Removal (GGR) and Solar Radiation Management (SRM) are terms describing a range of technologies that aim to counteract human-caused climate change by deliberate large-scale intervention in the Earth’s natural systems.

Great! The Earth’s natural systems are wrecked already by man’s deliberate large-scale interventions so let’s wreck them some more. Thousands of trillions of nanotised aluminium particles sprayed from the skies all over the entire Earth should do nicely.


To echo many here, I’ve also been very skeptical of the chemtrail stuff, although with the last few years I think I could believe anything!

So I’ll throw out something that I’ve mentioned before: the sun is starting to come out of the low point of its 11 year cycle…

Which means weird weather all round, although dear little Greta will tell you otherwise.

This greatly effects the flora and fauna on our little planet. Over the last year or so I’ve been told by a number of medical professionals that pollen counts are through the roof. Maybe that’s why my lungs have been suffering so badly? I was prescribed hysto-what-they’re called for hay fever. I took one pill and it made me so ill I chucked the rest in the bin.

Also, in my little world, I’ve never seen the trees and plants bud so early in the year. There’s also been a plague of ants, unknown in late winter/early spring. There’s other strange stuff going on with the wildlife as well.

Herricka doesn’t seem to be bothered by it all, and waves a paw as I chuck these random thoughts out there.

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It’s useful to keep appraised of our “space weather”, I use: https://www.spaceweatherwoman.com/ and follow Tamitha on Twitter, also re: Coronal Mass Ejections see “Astrotometry” a theory from John Thomas Bryant, a very bright guy who suffered a mental breakdown (both nature and nurture I suspect see; “Politics of Astrotometry - The Science Underlying the Stargate Phenomenon”), go to: https://www.youtube.com/user/astrotometry, you’ll find he has not been around since the late 00s …he produced this after Fukushima: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1LtmqbTC48

‘Even with full deployment of known low-carbon technologies and behaviours some UK emissions will remain, especially from hard-to-treat sectors: aviation, agriculture and parts of industry. Reaching net zero (and possibly net negative) emissions will require technologies to remove greenhouse gases. The UK should pursue a strategy to develop options in both hard-to-treat sectors and greenhouse gas removals, domestically and in collaboration with wider global efforts’ p.11 - https://www.theccc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/UK-climate-action-following-the-Paris-Agreement-Committee-on-Climate-Change-October-2016.pdf

Maybe they want to use ‘climate change’ as the cover story for when chem trails are openly admitted…and the chem trails are for something other than climate change purposes.

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Another possibility…although the trouble has been (as most here are I’m sure aware), that the even more “out there” crew have blamed climate change on a “socialist” New World order that uses geoengineering to force us to obey Agenda 21 and it’s ilk (to those who oppose such agendas the drive for sustainability is seen as an excuse to clamp down on personal freedoms -like the “freedom” to pollute other people’s air with gases from individually owned vehicles-): Agenda 21 .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform

Proud Boy

Climate change does give the eugenicist an excuse to experiment though!

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Apparently showing patents for dispersal kit dating back to 1975: https://twitter.com/MagicPLNL/status/1404855856571822080

P.S After this I had a dreadful few days that I’m still shaking off now…absolutely furious…I’m in the middle of an aloe gel (home grown and hand filleted), zeolite use protocol as a result… as a clinical dental fluoride treatment victim (first taught karate by a Thalidomide victim), I am so tired of the crp*…!

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