The Covid Physician

Blog by an NHS doctor, has to be seen to be believed: harrowing.


The tory scum who have been gunning for the socialist NHS since its inception must be hugging themselves: It’s finally reduced to this state of terminal collapse. Already the commercial scavenger scum are appearing even in the referrals of my GP: little tinpot rackets doing routine testing work rather off-handedly, and costing the taxpayers a lot more than the NHS would in the process.

Still, at least it took a lifetime. The start of the NHS was overseen by my countryman Aneurin Bevan in 1948 when I was 8 and is being finally murdered as I approach death in my 80s. I hope to get reborn and active in the time when widespread insurrection is bringing the architects of this criminal destruction to their final appointment with the lampposts…

This doctor’s testimony is indeed harrowing. Poor bugger; just trying to follow his vocation, and faced with this stinking shitstorm!


Well that was a bleak start to the day. So many lives wrecked. Still, we might have given the odd terminally ill octogenarian an extra week or two of life; checks and balances…

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