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The Conservative Woman calls Palestinian supporters "left wing thuggish pro-Palestine Muslims"

The TCW has re-emerged as a home for genocide loving Tory loonies:



Yes I’ve warned about this problem! Very few all-round good sources I’m afraid. Extreme ‘right wing’ defending medical or bodily freedoms while destroying many of the said bodies, and ‘left wing’ opposing (well, some of them) genocide, while actively planning to taking freedoms away.

I think the reality is there are now just issues…


Hi @CJ1 . I occasionally go to TCW website to look for sensible articles as they had some very good stuff on Convid and lockdowns. However, since 7th October, the rabid dog articles and their comments has satisfied me that TCW has returned to ‘conservative’. I have really come to despise labels like left/right/alt-right, or marxist/cultural marxism, etc, but TCW really has returned to what one might have expected from the traditional Conservatives.