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"The cesspit that is Wikipedia" - Norman Fenton

Excellent sleuthery here from Norman Fenton, exposing how his WiCIApedia entry has been edited and edited again by certain parties to try and smear him as a disinfo agent.

These people always accuse others of their exact misdeeds.

The last part of the article revealing where Philip Cross puts his foot down is especially interesting.

(So too the postscript re “recession” being redefined)

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Bloody hell, that self-portrait of Alex Brown is hilarious! Anyone who selects a biography picture of himself which make him look like a maniac - is obviously a maniac. Or at least a deeply un-self-aware geek. LOL!

That’s two of us, at least, who now assert that Wikideceivia is a cess-pit: ANYTHING, anything at all which comes out of it, however allegedly ‘uncontroversial’, is contaminated with excrement.

Wikideceivia delenda est!

Three of us! I gave up on Wikidecevia years ago. There was an entry which dealt with an aspect of South African history (a period of which I have personal experience). I edited the section with what I thought was not controversial in any way, nor was it opinion but just an expansion and clarification of events.

The entry was soon deleted and reverted to the original.

So much for the peoples encyclopedia.

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