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The Brexit fiasco continues

Farmers who largely voted leave are beginning to see that the been thrown under the bus. Yes, the one with £350 million a week for the NHS on it. Crofters in Scotland and Wales are in an even worse position.

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Despite an element of cynicism, it’s nice to see these sentient animals bouncing around the humans
How little reasoned discussion there was before the Brexit vote on the unavoidable difficulties.
I expect there will be a buy British campaign with standards as a selling point.

OK I doubt I’d get tuppence for that :slight_smile:

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Agreed, it’s nice to see animals walking free. Just for my plant based friends, here is a follow up

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Bloody hell! And the Bozo team of careless, inadequate farts is going to field all this effectively, is it? Like hell it is! What a goddamned disaster!

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Can someone explain who’s making money from Brexit then

Well, footloose capitalist tapeworms, currently infesting the Washington Swamp as their big stronghold, expect to make a lot of profit out of Britain being thrown open to their carrion-scavenging games, just as soon as the Bozoids of the English-raj class think they can get away with feeding all our assets to these parasites. Probably a bit at a time, as quietly as possible, as they usually do.


Hedge funds, billionaires and tax accountants. There are definite moves afoot to turn England into a massive tax haven for billionaires - hence the recent attempts at the G7 to exempt the City of London from the mandatory 15% corporation tax

Edit. Also folks like Bill Gates (currently the largest farm owner in the US and the official supplier of McDonald’s potatoes) will happily gobble up land vacated by farmers who can’t afford to keep going.

“You will own nothing, and you will be happy about it”


…And the luckier of the Londoners might be able to afford to buy, or more likely rent, a hastily and cheaply constructed little breeze block box on one of the rabbit warrens thrown up on what used to be agricultural land, or a school playing field, here in the Garden Of England. They honour the past though by naming the new ‘estate’ Cherry Orchard Park, or The Lakes (depleted gravel pit pumped full of water)… but none have, so far, been named Flood Plain Mews.

One week the local Keep Voting Tory chip wrapper prints the shock headline Where Oh Where Can We Build The Additional 2500 Homes that are ‘needed’ under the Local Plan.

The very next week, phew, lucky escape, the Duchy of Cornwall has identified a few hundred acres it might be able to spare.

Result: yet larger zombie hordes to fight over bog rolls and Ugandan runner beans at Te$co. But at least there’s none of those Poles getting in the way of Tabitha and Tarquin as they race thru the town in their Landy.

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