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The best summary of the Plandemic

This is just my opinion, but this film puts all the background to the plandemic together, easily, clearly, and in a non-scientific way.

You can download the video or watch on line. Even if you don’t watch it, make sure it gets to every one of your covidian friends.

You can also download the entire ‘Grand Jury’ hearings just in case you want to tell your grandkids what you did (or didn’t) do during the Great Heist Reset.


This from Colin Todhunter gives another slant on the same ideas: how to sluice loot out of the world - by starving the poorest, as well as impoverishing the comfortable. Just making another ‘1848 - year of revolutions’ inevitable, isn’t it? Starvation makes people rise up in rage; or as Gerald Celente likes to put it: “When people lose everything, they lose it!”