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The archdruid on science and enchantment

I always enjoy reading JMG on this subject. He never fails to make me think deeply about my own bias on this issue


I expect fish don’t understand the concept of water, because it’s their everything.

Interesting read, thanks, and the book he mentions sounds good.

Someone coming at the current pivot, if that’s what it is, from another direction is Michael McClonkey. He argues that certain types of people (phenotypes is his chosen label) constantly battle over ideas, methods, and metaphors to the extent that these shape how power is deployed. I don’t fully grasp this, but hope to get a better feel for it from his book A Plea For Time In The Phenotype Wars. Over longer stretches of time the elite classes swap places or circulate. (To me it sounds very like what Foucault called power-knowledge.)

The priestly class of Scientism has certainly taken some hard knocks, as JMG explores. Could this explain the sudden affinity between many of the Covid-sceptical ‘Right’ and the religious Right (in the USA most particularly)? There’s a suddenly resurgent eschatological determinism. In other words the idea that End Times, as prophesised in sacred texts, are unfolding right now. Witness the Christian Zionists as a class of accelerationists keen to see Revelations (and Old Testament prophets like Isaiah) in their (our) lifetimes.

I do apologise for all the polysyllables and buzzwords :wink:


Seen a few. Here’s the most recent.

Also seen fire and water coming from a well (Quran end of days. Elements mixing that should not). Then there’s that Sister Lucia thing and how the Pope added both Russia and Ukraine to the order of St. Mary.

Boy, do we live in interesting times!

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I saw that clip on the same feed myself a few days ago. Apparently, this is an algal bloom of some kind. The fact that it can be explained definitely doesn’t undermine the possible significance.

The four red bulls and the Third Temple, the battle of Gog and Magog, etc, it’s quite chilling.

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