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just run a software upgrade on the site, and checking to see that things are still working. Feel free to post any jokes, off-topic nonsense or recent acid flashbacks for the community’s amusement.


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curses, foiled again

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I know, I’ll post one of my crap poems. This was written for a friend of mine who was one of the best poets that no one has ever heard of. Despite a heap of offers she always refused to publish in print (don’t you just love stubborn/pricipled people!). She died in somewhat tragic circumstances back in 2008. This was my farewell to her:


For Maz

If I could write such joyous pain,
the mellow flux, the ecstasy,
the ink portrays a starry mane,
an orbit reaching apogee:

disintegration, c’est la vie
for qualia that race in space;
a tea ball dance with gravity:
creation is a lonely place.

Hip volatiles and ions trace
consummation in the sky.
Erato shrugs and turns her face
towards a fond goodbye.

Cognition clicks, ideas won,
skin will warm beneath the sun.


Haha! Ok, just for you and @RhisiartGwilym I’ve changed it to 5 characters :-).

Enjoy - if you’re into the whole brevity thing

The Dude


Thanks @RobG - love it.


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A late night meditation from the one and only Terrence McKenna


That is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.


Seconding Jackie. Splendid stuff!

Thank you, Jackie. For those who aren’t familiar with this stuff, it’s a Spenserian sonnet written in tets (verboten in the poetry world).

Back in the 2000’s I was blessed to know and be friends with some amazing poets. The progamme I made about Tim Murphy is still held up as a definitive one. If interested you can find it here…


Sadly, not long after we made the programme, Tim finally managed to drink himself to death.

I could go on and on with anecdotes about poets I have known. If you’re interested, and can open the sound file, have a listen to Tim’s story. It’s the kind of tale you couldn’t make up.

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I definitely will check it out. I’m not at all familiar with poetry so welcome the insider perspective.

To use the fireworks analogy, Tim was like a Roman candle.

We had always been at daggers drawn in the poetry world, and I was amazed that he allowed me to make a programme about him.

What didn’t come across successfully in the programme, was that Tim had incredible talent. He’d write 50 or so lines of poetry and you had to read it 2 or 3 times to realise that it was all interlocking sonnets and other forms. Such was Tim’s skill that you wouldn’t even know that you were reading form poetry.

I wanted to get this across in the programme, but Tim is a big name in poetry and he pretty well dictated what poems we would include. Otherwise he wouldn’t have agreed to make the programme.

A Roman candle, yet Tim’s death hit me quite hard, because I got to know him very well during the making of the programme.