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Tell me your pronouns or I won't let you save my life

Damn mutual aid, says member of laptop class, who works for an energy-efficiency company, I’ve got stubborn principles at stake here. I paraphrase:

“The last thing I’m going to do is take a free tri-tip sandwich from a right-wing extremist group,” said one resident, who did not want her name used because she said she worried about provoking “armed and dangerous” people.

And, in other news, it’s gratifying to see that people pretending to be women (perish the thought) will be treated with greater empathy if the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists consultation goes in the direction outlined here:

Interestingly, they might be urging persons with cervices to keep their options open

trans and gender diverse people should be offered advice about fertility preservation when considering gender-affirming surgery or hormone therapies.

Trigger warning: lame satire::

How long before one of the advisees sues a gynae for following this guideline and harming xer/that/them by implying that they are not wholly committed to their transformational career? “I said I wanted to take these ovaries home in a Sprite bottle and that’s what I meant, oppressive TERF bitch!”

I am so.sick.of.these.people.


LOL! Particularly liked “persons with crevices”, and the ‘chest-feeding’ bs! The whole idiotic thing is so funny. And I say that after due regard given to three good old friends who are - genuinely - trans-sexual, male-to-female persuasion.

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Yes, for sure, I had two work colleagues who went the same way, which in a team of seven did stand out a bit. They were respected every inch of the way and if anyone fumbled part of the protocol we weren’t attacked for dead-naming.

The Allison Bailey case ended interestingly, I thought

Stonewall have got a lot of rowing back to do.

EDIT: to clarify a little. Stonewall advised the firm which disciplined Bailey, so essentially it was on their advice that the firm ended up breaching Equalities Act.

At the hearing a representative of Stonewall attempted to claim that the proceedings were not making reasonable adjustments by permitting their animal companion to offer solace… That ‘need’ was never communicated to the Tribunal, nor was the Stonewall rep’s ‘need’ to have their mum present.

Since the whole thing was done via Zoom this is a particularly good case study of how far the EDI insanity has gone.

Not sure who typoed what, and it doesn’t really matter, but I typed cervix-es originally. Which was autocorrected, correctly, if you see what I mean.

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