Telegraph report says domestic vaccine passports to be scrapped

I’m just posting the Indy version as the Telegraph report seems to be for subscribers.

I’m not sure how much stock to place on this. The covid vaccines are experimental, and none even have a license. I would expect a legal challenge to any legal restrictions placed by government on individuals on the basis of vaccination status to succeed, especially regarding the restriction of essential services.
However that doesn’t rule out (i) allowing private businesses to discriminate on the basis of covid vaccine status, or indeed covid test status. The reason is that these are not protected characteristics under discrimiation laws, and
(ii) the issue could return once the experimental vaccines are licensed, if they ever are.

(i) is still the most likely. Vaccines are not compulsory, your life is just made a misery if you don’t have one and anyway ‘it’s your own fault for being an extreme anti-vaxxer…’
Neverthess I wonder if this might have legal problems too. The issue rarely mentioned is ‘informed consent’. All medicines have to have this but virtually every covid jab has breached this requirement because the info given to patients was misleading and inadequate for wighing up risks vs benefits.
If people are pushed into vaccines so that they can partake in normal life then they are not taking the vaccine having weighed up the medical benefits and risks.

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The whole situation’s in the balance. I suspect that recent anti-pass, anti-covbollocks demos in Britain, particularly Saturday’s biggy in London, just at the time when the pocket-pols are trying to gauge whether they dare to impose the pass-laws on behalf of their gic owners, is having the required effect.

The obvious calculation for anyone savvy about practical politics is that it only takes a critical mass of around 30 percent of the populace to dig their heels in and show a willingness to become intransigent to make a particular policy infeasible. And the demos seem to me to show that there’s that degree of resistance in the country, despite the PBB attempting to pretend that virtually everyone is in favour of the poison-stabs, and baying to get them. Plenty of utter suckers are; but plenty of non-suckers are resisting. We just don’t know what percentage, because the liars are trying to delude us into believe us that it’s virtually no-one. Not true.

The pols will attempt to fudge it, I suspect. Neither on nor off. Just keep chivvying the sheep, and see how far they can scam it. This is one of those times when continuing demo-pressure might actually have an effect. The million-person march in '03 very nearly toppled B’liar’s government, as the scumbag later admitted.


Thanks @Evvy_dense but the Indy insists I register to read the whole thing and feck that for a game of soldiers.

I would speculate not so much dead as dormant. The opening sentence (admittedly more or less all I could read) says:

Plans for this summer = we’ll bide our time while (a) picking through the lessons learned report from our Mossad buddies, (b) letting the techie team do what the techie team does, Dido is a safe pair of hands, and (c) the seasonal flu metrics tick upward again after the autumn equinox.

…a legal requirement = leaves the door open for the private sector schemes to kick in, generating more lovely data for the wonks. As per ED’s option (i)

…large events = we let some good old money spinners go ahead:

  • Wimbledon: bound to have a strong vaxxxed only ethic. The sort of people willing to queue for hours, and risk a Cliff Richard concert, are exactly the masked-and-jabbed demographic. Low hanging fruit.

  • F1 Grand Prix (the usual procession) would be a hybrid event with vaxxxed/masked restrictions for the grandstands and pits/paddock, less fuss for the particularly boring and hence ‘cheaper’ parts of the track. Ridiculous ticket prices will, as usual, keep the plebs away.

  • Charity Shield football, a few big concerts, and so on. maybe even the Proms so that the Ruperts and Tabithas get to wave their flags about and drop plastic glasses of sherry, what ho.

…this summer = in case you missed it the first time, see above.

…dropped = kicked into the long grass for a bit, also as above.

…according to reports = still deniable if we decide the variants are concerning enough or if Kamala Harris gets a bit menacing.

This also gives time for the testing the sewage technique to be perfected, enabling targeted restrictions in areas with high rates of covid (vaxxxine refusal), and goodness only knows what else.

It also gives time for the G7 brain-storming sessions, continuing test marketing of the next phase of the 4IR, etc etc and not forgetting the dignified or otherwise coup d’etat in Downing Street, without any of that tiresome ballot box admin.