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Tech entrepeneur on ethical and technical issues surrounding Vaccine Passport apps and databases

In this short film, tech entrepeneur Nick Smith explains the numerous ethical and infrastructure issues surrounding vaccination passports and their rollout (particularly from a UK perspective, but also more generally), that nothing implies they are short-term, plus how the govt are proposing the app will have a centralised backend queriable database, which will require an enormous amount of time and fiscal investment, also that they would need to build, test, deploy and debug and redeploy an app that links to that database, which would not be ready by June or July this year - unless they’ve been in development since ~Q3 last year.

Scanners would need to be bought and shipped to every retail outlet - unless another app was available to download to their own devices (at their own risk). Seeing as this app would be used by tens of millions of people, managing it, keeping it online, dealing with bugs, defects and downtime, as well as having a helpdesk team, would require the recruitment of a significant number of people, many of whom would need unique and quite technical expertise.

He says that if we allow this to go ahead, there will be no returning the genie to its bottle, that the citizens of Earth will have no control over what direction it takes next and would be completely powerless to stop it. There is also the danger of ever changing “input variables”, with the app being repackaged after the immediate Covid threat has passed, for instance, as a carbon footprint tracker.

The Track & Trace QR scanners in use now are designed to modify our behaviours; quickly getting us used having our entry determined by our tech. So we should be very wary of any moves to propose a standardised global app [I believe China and the WTO are already in talks over the former organising such tech].

The database which holds all your personal identifiable identification will be owned, managed and operated by a supra-national body over whom you will hold no control, if you do not like how they are managing your day-to-day life.

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He’s 100% correct, of course.

Alas, the variants of concern will buy time for softening up the opposition and for the data infrastructure to be rigged up, and will restore the required levels of hysteria and desperation, one last push against this deadly enemy, etc.

I hope I’m wrong.

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Later in the year, maybe around the start of regular flu season, might buy enough time for them.

Difficult to guage just what level or dissent there is in the UK (maybe 5 to 10%?); how many would hold out against the jab, even if it meant severe restrictions, and possibly oppostion from employers feeling under pressure from nervous employees to preserve their “safety”. We have one chap who is genuinly fearful of coming back, and has been on furlough for much of the year.

Seems to be more pushback in the States, especially in FL, TX and a few others. A harder nut to crack, though I think DeSantis will probably face extreme pressure to submit at some point.

As to the tech, I don’t think many people can conceive of just how advanced and intrusive their devices are, and so hackable. I’m no geek myself, but I know several people who are and have been wary for years of using smartphones - that basically anything connected to the internet is likely to track you in some way, unless you go to extreme measures such as sandboxing etc, and very few will go to those lengths. This guy, Rob Braxman, on Youtube explains related topics in a very accessible way: https://www.youtube.com/c/BraxMe/videos

If this Track & Trace app does end up being used by tens of millions in the UK, many will feel very vulnerable to be relying on their phone for accessing everywhere they need to go (with the obvious risks of theft, loss, breakages etc), so much so that I think there will be a great demand for permanent wearables and also implanted tech, which will give peace of mind - I know, the very thought of it sends shivers! There are no end of tech companies out there lining up to offer all manner of digital tracking, facial scanning, biometric this and that. People really do seem to be quite OK with trading their freedoms and privacy for convenience and the illusion of safety.

Recently I’ve found Alison McDowell to be a great resource as to just what is likely in store for us when the Fourth Industrial Revolution really gets rolling (properly gets going from around the 6:30 mark):

“Alison McDowell discusses the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s (Great Reset) goals of a post-human and transhumanist world. The powers of global financial capital seek to create a mechanized planetary computer using blockchain technologies, digital identities, sensor networks, AI, AR, geofencing, human capital bonds, and so forth to classify, tag, track, tokenize, gamify, and commodify all natural non-synthetic life. Humans have become the minable commodity.”