TCarlson interviews Robert Kennedy on the Fauci book. Seriously illuminating account by RK of the whole mess

View with the subtitles on, to catch all the nuances from RK’s handicapped voice:


When the companies were asked why there were so many casualties after people took their ‘vaccines’ (in the 80’s the combined diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis jab): their reply?
… “vaccines are UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE” :scream:

Which helps to explain why BigPharma insists on NO liability for their jabs and for the inevitable damage that will destroy so many peoples lives.

A horrifying listen, and one that should be heard by all those who are all too ready to roll up their sleeves–once more, and also any parents who are ready to ‘volunteer’ their poor children.

Good interview; thanks.

Here’s the intro to the book with footnotes.

Note, you can download this from UNZ as a PDF file and send it around to your contacts.


I’m now 300 pages in and the sheer depth of Fauxci’s duplicity is staggering, really. Likewise his sock puppet Paul Offit