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Talking of bullshit

… this just turned up in my Twitter recommendations, because Glenn Greenwald had just recommended it (coincidentally about 12 hours before I happened to bring up the topic of “bullshit” in a passing remark in another thread here, but I only saw the recommendation a few minutes ago):

It does impart information, strictly speaking, but not always information about our world. Or not good information, because it’s so often wrong, particularly on matters of great import and invariably to the advantage of the same interests, which suggests it should be presumed wrong as a rule. The information it imparts, if one bothers to sift through it, is information about itself; about the purposes, beliefs, and loyalties of those who produce it: the informing class.


What a great article. It exactly mirrors so many conversations I’ve tried to have with friends and family…

Many thanks for posting

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Echo that 100%. Not at all like the Harry Frankfurt article. I’ve found that cutting out ‘orthodox’ news very definitely helps my mental health. The Story of the Skripals was the final straw. (Johnson was bollocks deep in that one, of course. )

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