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Stunning Short History – of Why the World has Gone Mad!

Ivor Cummings has posted this on FuckYouTube just lately, although the video predates this. See what you make of it…

If FuckYouTube remove this video you can also find it here.


Thanks RobG, a good summary of key plans and organizations.

I skipped around, having followed this topic for years, and was glad to see he mentioned Transhumanism at the end. But I did not see any mention of it earlier.

My view is that Transhumanism FOR ELITES via world wide TECHNOCRACY is the most accurate overall frame to understand what is happening.

Transhumanism includes manipulation of DNA, manipulation of cellular processes in the individual (mRNA platform), organ replacement, and ‘neurolink’ type machine/human links.

The goal, their goal, is the same of resource controlling elites since the beginning of civilization: rejuvenation, longevity, eternal youth, eternal life. The Pharoah’s wanted eternal life via high tech (mummification process), the organized religions want eternal life (heaven), so it should be no surprise that current elites, given the current technology and the rapid speed of technological adavance (gene editing/CRISPR, AI predictiive software of proteinn folding, etc) see POSSIBILITIES of eternal life on earth in the not so distant future.

To reach that end first they must be able to divert resources of everybody into their own hands, to control development and production. They must also train low level technocrats. But what need is the vast mass of humanity to their plans? As robotics and AI take over resource extraction and commodity production and mechanical services such as transportation what is the need of all the people currently employed in these tasks?

The elite need food and massive amounts of electricty and low level technocrats to proceed towards their goal. They can obviously offer, as the world changes, the low level technocrats not just cushy jobs and some prestige, they can share some of the longevity techniques with their highly trained workers. But as the technology improves and the elite move into true Transhumanism even their need for low level technocrats will decrease.

This future may seem crazy for some. But go to the British Museum and look carefully at the ancient sacophogae on display. Think of the common wealth created by slave and peasant labor, how was it used? What is the 5000 year old drive of elites? What DID they want? What DO they want now?


I’ve not followed the dark stuff in any detail but it has long struck me that the detail comprising the behaviour and plans (as evidenced by patents, documents and plans mostly in public view) are consistent with some or even all of the worst intentions thst have been posited. Indeed, the main obstacle to concluding that such endpoints are indeed likely to be the intentions is the thought that ‘They Wouldn’t do That’ - i.e. the main obstacle comprises an emotional argument, that awaits substantiation!
Searching frantically for evidence of this good faith (on the basis of which we will be essentially giving up autonomy and walking into the pen) among the pandemic response isn’t reassuring, if you clear your mind of existing emotional baggage.