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Stuff may still be able to be fixed

To paraphrase our friend Rhisiart, Mam Gaia has great capacity to heal herself.

Here’s a couple of pieces of evidence, both involved some well-directed effort and investment.

Once an enormous quarry, now a local nature reserve, near Faversham, Kent:

Once the largest coal mining waste heap in all of Europe, now a country park, near Lynemouth, Northumberland:

c.f. Islands Of Abandonment by Cal Flynn.

Please don’t think me complacent: fcking up our planet has got to stop, but these relatively achievable examples ought to be an inspiration. Perhaps even an obligation.


Hi @KarenEliot , thanks for the pics, Robert Temple makes similar points but rather points to the healing and love from the Sun - Rhis I suspect would have wolfed down RT’s views on plasma entities and worlds and his belief in re-incarnation.



Many thanks for invoking the spirit of Rhis today. That really made me smile.

Beautiful pictures too. I think it’s a very interesting and ultimately rewarding exercise to contemplate what things will survive the near/middle term and what things most likely won’t.

Mam Gaia isn’t going anywhere. Fixed income derivatives on the other hand…

I remember having a conversation with you some while back about the four Rs of deep adaptation. This post made me think of them again.



I have the Temple book in a “short pile” so it might just get read in the next month. Sentient plasma does indeed sound Startrekkytechie :grin:

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I really believe, perhaps naively, that if a leader with sincerity and some track record of not being a ruthless twunt were to spell these things out there could be hope yet. Relinquishment, for example, is very close to what I’d think of as Renunciation. Piling up stuff ultimately achieves very little, and I look around and see the bulging bookshelves and remind myself I’m no exception. One day I shall be separated from everything I hold dear, etc. These messages don’t lack truth, but they certainly lose credibility coming from the mouths of oligarchs. If people believed that everyone genuinely would make painful choices, and stick to them, it wouldn’t take so very long to acclimatise.

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There are solutions, expect (if we survive), to be hearing a huge lot more about bio-remediation…