Story of the Black-and-Vans

That’s Blackrock, Vanguard and their - 0.001% - ilk. The vid below comes from a contact of Patrick Gentempo, a vid maker who has been active in warning about the poison-stabs and the whole scamdemic. I mention this because I intuit about Patrick the way I’d feel about easing gingerly out onto the ice of a newly-frozen lake: “H’mm! Seems fairly substantial, but… can I trust it to bear weight…?” Just a hunch about him - er - because he’s a rather slick, professional marketer… So - caveat emptor.

I offer the vid because it contains a good deal of - fairly uncontroversial - information about the .001 percenters and their reach. In so doing, it helps to clarify what may be going on with the current covid scam. The sort of attempted power grab by the 001s sketched here tallies closely with the - universally unpopular - hard realities of the limits to growth, and the long descent away from current hitechie-techie society which those limits enforce absolutely.

Obscure schlubs like me can see - and face - that harsh reality. So you can bet your life that members of the 001s, in their private conclaves, are aware of it too. The picture coming clearer to me is that they have planned - extensively! - the current scam, with a view to herding we commons into just the sort of enhanced-control situation where they want us, in order to face and deal with the descent - but strictly according to their preferences rather than ours, natch: “Everything for us, nothing for anyone else.”

Towards the end of the vid, there’s a brief sketch of an alternative approach, which - alas - features some of the whackier belief systems of some marginal currents (‘free’ energy), together with a pollyanna idea of us all holding hands and being good forever, and everything being paradise from there on. I shouldn’t scoff, of course, because I agree with… well let’s say a grown up, ecologically-realistic iteration of that happy hope. It is possible. The human survivors of the Long Descent can hope, quite realistically, to aim for such an outcome.

Before that, though, we-all have to wake up, wise up, and rise up to deal with those 001s. The odd thing is that there are so few of them, in the key ‘top’ echelon, that in principle, it will be pretty easy for decisive action to capture them all - literally, physically - put them under restraint, haul them before justice tribunals to uncover and publish to the world their hidden activities; and then sentence them to, either extended community service orders; or for those of them too old and infirm for that, surveilled and restrained residence for the rest of their lives in very modestly-funded granny-farms. (A bit like the aged Owain Glyndwr confined to an English monastery, after his great rising had ended.)

The vid is an hour:

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