Stew Peters interviews a frontline nurse. Another large bundle of dynamite. Essential information. Spread widely

Yes, politics. This is not about medicine. Another snowflake on the snowfield building towards the avalanche. Snowflake? What am I saying? A small blizzard! How much more of this sort of anguished testimony is needed before the avalanche of outrage starts to roll? For once that ironic, iconic phrase is spot on: “Let’s roll!”

PS: Like me, you’ll have to make your own guesstimate of Stew Peters’ journalistic probity, and whether he’s done his due professional diligence over ‘Sarah’, and she is what she purports to be. Sitting at home at the keyboard, I’m painfully aware that I don’t know the answers to these questions. It could all be just a slick piece of propaganda. I just know it smells right to me. Confirmation bias? Could be, of course. We’re ALL susceptible. But it smells right to me.

Her description of the brainwashed responses of the doctors is particularly shocking. It’s blazingly clear that some sophisticated cult-induction propaganda technique has been laid on us all, particularly the technocrat class, who appear to have succumbed to Deceived-Influencer syndrome particularly heavily; that and craven have-to-safeguard-my-precious-career cowardice. I surmise that they’re connected: “It’s difficult to persuade a man to see something when his income…” Once the technocrats see that their bosses are all on board, and are arm-twisting them to get on board too, they cave like marshmallows into self-justifying doublethink; and then get snottily dismissive with anyone who questions them - because they know somewhere down in their alter-conscious minds that they’re lying to themselves; and for thoroughly disgraceful reasons too… :roll_eyes:

And another bundle of dynamite: Dr. Ardis on the lethality - deliberately applied! - of remdesivir (invested in, and heavily promoted by cosigliere Tony Fauci). As Dr. Ardis tells it, this why the US has had such a high death rate ‘from covid’: