State of Fear

Laura Dodsworth, on a recent Ivor Cummings podcast (I have had a look. No one seems to have posted this here so far)…

Dodsworth is currently doing the rounds with her new book. I find it interesting because it goes into the psychological aspect of all the covid stuff.

The red flag for me (and Dodsworth) was Bojo’s address to the nation in March 2020. Second red flag (and when Ivor Cummings first sat up and started scratching his head) was the mandatory face masks in the summer of 2020.


I’m reading the book now, 17% through according to A Large Online Retailer’s eBook device. Would have preferred paper version so I can scribble and add post-its but was out of stock. The behavioural insights stuff is covered well.

Hi @KarenEliot , here’s a pdf that you can bookmark and highlight if your firelighter device doesn’t do that :wink:


Some of you might have seen this short video. There’s many more videos like it from all around the world, all of which exemplify the state of fear.

The translation on this particular video is as follows: “Delirium in Bologna, 10,000 people queuing for 1200 doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine. A kilometric snake, epochal gatherings, insults, shoves and panic attacks. Third world organization.”

Another slightly longer video from HugoTalks, this time filmed recently in the UK…

Most of these people have a greater chance of being damaged or killed by the jab than by the virus - for them with the right prophylactics it’s surely a no-brainer of death by jab or a bad cold.


Ah, I should have waited a while longer before shelling out :woman_shrugging: