State of fear: A question

Following up Rob’s Ivor Cummins post below - for which much thanks - has anyone been to look at the state of the Leaky Hulk lately? I’ve stopped visiting. I wonder whether the TDS is still as rampant there as it was, and whether it’s still causing gang-slagging against anyone who isn’t in the Gibbering Terror Getthefeckinvaccine! Club?

If ever there was a textbook case of Terror Derangement Syndrome wrecking what had been a tolerably reasonable atmosphere of discussion, it’s the way TLN crashed under the first onslaught of the terror campaign by the manipulators. Awful lot of sufferers there from ‘the left’s’ apparent particular susceptibility to the manipulations of the covid scam.


I tried logging in to TLN ages ago when Rippon posted on here that he thought he’d been banned from there - my login failed. I tried it again just now and it failed again. I guess I’m banned as well then.

Dan had already started banning covid posts even before I left. Looks like he’s now banning people.

Dan the Ban.

I’m glad to be out of there.

Many thanks PP for putting 5F together. :smiley:


I occasionally have a look and even post sometimes. What’s so remarkable is that the subject seems to be a taboo. Lots of comments about Palestine, the Labour Party, the Israeli lobby, and other usual things, but anything Covid is avoided, like the plague (a real one!). If it does get mentioned (eg by me or Margo who still occasionally posts) there’s a swift counter by the usual bunch, rarely addressing the point made.

Recently though Ian M was complaining about the coercion (from an employer) of taking the jab, so maybe things are (very slowly) changing? I just posted that Dodsworth interview – let’s see what that brings… :grinning:.

Like all of you I was dismayed at the way TLN has gone. I left when someone suggested that all “anti-vaxxers” should be locked up, or something like that, and he was roundly supported by all the major posters there. I also had a post about Dr. Coleman deleted.

I´m glad to have found 5F.

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Does anyone know what’s happened to Mary over on the Lifeboat News?

Her health was dicey for a long time. Hope she’s not down with something.

The conclusion that I’ve reached about TLN, MediaLens, Chomsky and CaitlinJohnstone is that they like to stay in ‘intellectually safe zones’, and that’s why they never really say anything new.

Israel and the ‘antisemitism’ scam, and the evil of capitalism, and environmental degradation, and media-bias, and assange/wikileaks and blair/war-crimes are not intellectually difficult subjects. Everyone knows exactly what’s going on.

They feel they have a level of respectability, which they have worked very hard to attain; and they don’t want their good analyses to lose impact through association with people whose thinking goes way beyond the ‘box’.

Darren Allen did an excellent analysis on the spectrum of dissidence: ‘official socialists’, ‘unofficial socialists’ and ‘anarchists’ (if I recall correctly). TLN, MediaLens, Chomsky and Johnstone are all ‘unofficial socialists’. They too, like mainstream media, have parameters that they must not breach because they too depend on sponsorship, which simply happens to be the peanuts contributed from readers rather than the £millions that establishment hacks enjoy. You cannot wander into ‘conspiracy theory’ territory if you don’t want to alienate readers whose financial sponsorship you rely on.

That is, you cannot simply say whatever might come into your head; you have to worry about how it would come across to the readers upon whom you depend.

This is what is admirable about David Icke. “They’re laughing at you, David, not with you.” (Terry Wogan) Icke has always said whatever he believed, without considering the consequences of that on himself.


Isn’t it handy that 5F doesn’t need to solicit funds from anyone? That should mean we can give a billet to any material we like, no matter how distant from the box. I suppose there’s some smallish payment needed to maintain the site, and I imagine Pontius paid that when it started. We shall have to ask him when he surfaces again. I’m sure we could share that between us-all; and I think we should.


Hi RG.

This website currently costs the princely sum of £5/month. I’m more than happy to cover that cost, but in the interests of a more democratic ownership model I’m also very happy for folk on this board to contribute to the running cost. The original idea was for this board to be self-owned and supported. No boss-class :wink:

At some point there will be other costs (renew the domain etc) but not for a couple more years. Happy to let the board members decide what they want to do.



I’m happy to chip in when the annual costs come around. Just let me know when.

Of course you will ban any anti-vaccers from the site and stop anyone mentioning 5 gee! :wink:

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Ditto. Maybe the denier community could be charged extra or be forced to listen to Foo Fighters until they toe the line…?

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Ditto for me as well.

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Case in point…the “conformist left” taking the opportunity to post against the “Men in Black” these days! Never thought they’d bother…are they feeling threatened? The Lifeboat News “Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!” :alien:

God, Tomski’s really pumping up his doublethink, innee! :slight_smile:

I diagnose the usual acute cognitive dissonance that afflicts very many people whenever they suspect, deeper down in their minds (where stoney-eyed sober assessment of what’s really going on is practiced mercilessly at all times) that there just might be some objective truth in these stories. And - oh god! - it just might be psi! Oh no, oh no! It can’t be that! It just mustn’t be!!

Whenever such more than averagely vulnerable personalities come up against even the mere suspicion that something paranormal may be going on, they shy away like panicked horses. You might call it the Dawkins-Randi Syndrome. We all have this aversion, it seems. But as with any natural human characteristic, the normal bell-curve applies, and so some have the aversion in spades. For such unfortunates, absolutely any half-arsed explainaway will do, usually delivered with a hectic, angry derision, to avoid having a close encounter with our own psi abilities. T’s - typically long-winded - derision-fest is a text-book example of the syndrome. I’ve encountered such stuff for many years, whilst exploring things paranormal.

Hence all the straw-men constructions about secret hyper-weapons in the hands of some hidden human agents; or, alternatively about little grey humanoids in shiny startrekky craft that can do ‘physically impossible’ things - because they’re from advanced alien civilisations far far away, you see…

That’s to say: the two leading hypotheses that are always asserted whenever UFOs come up. With the rider usually added that maybe they could come from some ‘inner dimension’ - which of course can always be dismissed with extra derision because - amongst solid, sober steady people with their feet on the ground - such woo-woo is self-evidently utter bollocks. (Not that they’ve ever bothered to explore psi in any detail, but such derisive dismissal is an easy, panic-damping, shallow escape from having to do any sober, real assessment, which might involve - please god forbid! - an actual close encounter with something non-ordinary).

FWIW I’ve long suspected that UFOs - in all their very varied manifestations, right through history - are most probably a sort of variation on the theme of poltergeists, got up in whatever reassuring fancy-dress best suits the deep, mythic assumptions of their culture and their era.

In our time, in the West, the preferred get up is something vaguely startrekky, because that’s one of the enthusiastically-preferred foundational myths of our time and culture. So of course, the poltergeists are generated (by their alarmed and disquieted human generators) to follow suit.

Any time times get hairy enough to cause a lot of people to be intolerably worried, frightened and unhappy, these psi-generated (as I suspect) manifestations start to appear, as if from nowhere. Poltergeists, whenever investigated, commonly seem to be associated with some deeply troubled person, often young adolescent girls. There are lots and lots of deeply troubled people about right now, of all ages and both sexes. (Yes, I recognise just the two!), so it’s hardly surprising that these magical manifestations start appearing, and doing things like shutting down entire ICBM bases, whilst UFOs cavort above them. Typical poltergeist pranks - but with a typically-significant edge…

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Rhis, with the wheels coming off the covid bandwagon, little green men wil certainly be fun.

More likely will be a massive ‘cyber attack’, that will probably only last a day or so - because so much commerce now relies on the internet. When we get back online again the authorities will then have to ‘license’ all further internet use, for our safety. This means that all dissident boards, like this, will be abolished.

Get yourself a VPN, and perhaps listen for instructions.