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South Pole Hits Record Cold November Temperatures

Eat yer heart out Thunberg.


There’s been something of a snowmageddon in New York state, I gather, mainly in the Buffalo region.

As the author says, weather comes and goes, temperatures rise and fall.


So much for all that global warming er climate change, and if it’s the same at the North pole, well all those polar bears with no ice to sit on will be well pleased.

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The latest news that I heard about the bears is that their numbers have increased again. Wonderful!

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I believe the emperor penguins all start humping each other at this time of year (maybe little Greta is involved), and they lay their eggs next Spring/Summer, which is their winter (emperor penguins are the only known animal that live on the surface of Antarctica).

There’s a brilliant documentary about it that I’m sure people will be familiar with. I think it’s called ‘march of the penguins’ or something like that.

I’m sure someone will take scenes from that brilliant documentary as a pisstake for what’s going to happen in Europe this coming winter.

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Oh man, March Of The Penguins is heartbreaking, though ultimately a great tribute to these marvellous and endearing creatures. As for Greta she seems less aggressive lately, and it’s been speculated that maybe she has found luuurvve.

Happily there’s a new, ahem, climate babe, being cued up. Mx Sophia Kianni.