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South Africa is falling apart, a willing slave of the New Nazis - TCW

I had no idea South Africa was so bad:

" South Africa is falling apart. Crime is accelerating to unimaginable levels. Since January, there have been more than 6,200 murders and 10,500 rapes

). Robberies and assaults are at an all-time high.

Many in the country are at risk of starvation, accelerated by the regressive land reforms of the governing African National Congress (ANC) and severe Covid-19 restrictions. Government-sanctioned attacks on white farmers have increased food insecurity, especially for the poorest black South Africans.

Thanks to greed and corruption, the country’s once-solid infrastructure is crumbling, exacerbating its junk economic status. More than half live in grinding poverty, barely surviving on £60 a month…
South Africa is planned as Case Zero for the establishment of Agenda 2030. Together with the World Bank and WEF, the UN is keen to impose biometric ID systems throughout Africa: an elegant name for the digital slavery embedded in Agenda 2030. The treacherous ANC have willingly done their bidding with startling speed.

Their latest nod to the plans of the New Nazis is the proposed National Biometric ID System and Registry Bill, a digital record of everyone in South Africa, including foreigners…"

This is our future as well if we don’t all wake up, look up and get our heads out of the smart-phoned matrix to see the real world!



Many half-truths and slogans strung together with appalling employment and crime statistics makes for exactly the picture of chaos that would allow AUKUS to justify prising SA away from the rest of BRICS and possibly establishing a bridgehead into the southern African sub-continent. Caving-in to the WHO and WEF is reprehensible but it’s hardly unique.

However: yes, the crumbling infrastructure is atrocious and the lack of job opportunities fuels the horrific crime stats. The ANC administrations - of Jacob Zuma in particular - allowed their state to be captured. An incompetent metropolitan authority for Johannesburg has been especially damaging. In outlying areas it isn’t even clear who has authority over roads, sewage, electricity supply. Thus my sister who lives in an area called Fourways (it used to be a minor settlement halfway to Pretoria) underwrites the cost of the electrically powered gate that restricts access to their road. This is because the gate (installed by dividing the cost between the thirty or so houses) was wired up to her electricity supply. Of course it doesn’t work for about a quarter of the time due to ‘load shedding’ (planned power cuts). Regardless of the fact that a scarce resource is being rationed between too many consumers, several dozen more houses are being built a stone’s throw away by… someone-or-other-who-knew-who-to-bribe. The same corruption is extant in the UK, USA, and many other places, it is just magnified in the SA context by how relatively efficiently things used to work.

But that was because most of the best services (and the best land) were being reserved for a small fraction of the population. Electrify all the millions of homes that used to be lit and heated using paraffin, but build no new power stations, and there you have it. I commented to her in a conversation earlier this week that the Eastern coast (and possibly also the Western, which I don’t know) could generate more than enough electricity via wave barrages for the coastal littoral and very likely places inland as far as Pietermaritizberg. (I don;t remember the new name.)

The wish to achieve greater equality (as it has in the USA) has led to unqualified people of the right skin hue being selected for jobs they barely grasp, with the power to recruit more of the same, so even honest civil servants don’t have competent colleagues around them and everything takes many times longer than it should.

And so on.

Chances are the family of four will have resettled in the UK within another year or two. The older son is already living in Surrey.


Hi @KarenEliot , thanks for your response . I’ve not seen a political commentary on RSA like the TCW one for a long time - maybe it’s just something I’ve missed since Margo stopped posting on TLN in 2022 or posts on RSA just seem to be engulfed by Covid issues and not other political and social issues.
Given your excellent personal connections it would be useful to know which half of the TCW’s comments are closer to the truth.
Would not AUKUS be constantly trying to prise SA away from BRICS with or without social and political chaotic numbers?
I agree the world and his wife are bending over backwards to push the WEF and WHO agendas but RSA seems to be running ahead of the pack, or is this an exageration?



Confining myself to this one for now. People in SA became very used to proving their identity in the apartheid era, as racial classification was key to this. Varying degrees of severity were reserved for punishing people who could not produce their id documents on demand - but especially the ‘dompas’ of course. I’m not familiar with the US social security system but there are strong similarities I believe, likewise to the UK NINO system. One cannot open a bank account, borrow money, start a registered business etc etc without an id number being registered.

At one time (and I believe some people still own these) there was a Book Of Life whereby all significant life milestones were recorded by way of annotations, stamps, etc in this book. I believe it had vaccination records for things like yellow fever, smallpox.

Computerising all this and using a single token is essentially what they are proposing, but there will be a degree of compulsion that we don’t have here: I am not obliged to have a driving license but it is very handy, and opens a lot of doors as a valid ID token. Likewise passport.

In terms of clamping down on illegal migrants (especially rife in the larger cities, and notoriously linked to organized crime) to give one example, I expect there will be a broad consensus for the Bill. Mind you, the authorities there are VERY practised at using the Other as scapegoat.

In other parts of Africa it’s unlikely there is the information infrastructure, or the degree of urbanisation, to support this. Even so, there will be many many people who continue to fall outside of the system and you can absolutely be sure that the Nigerian mafiosi will not suddenly crumble and play ball with the authorities.


Thanks for your reply @KarenEliot.

It’s amazing isn’t it that the successful struggle against Apartheid still leaves the majority in the same state with different oppressors! You would have thought that to have experienced these horrific controls just once would make most people rage against their reintroduction!

Surely one of the key elements of freedom from oppression is the liberty to walk freely without challenge by tyrannical controls - in the UK we had the SUS laws and the laws we have here today are not much better, and are about to get worse - by forcing everyone to be numbered and connected to biologic recognition and CBDC controls, enables repression by discrimination to be introduced or extended overnight, these are powers that should not be given to any central authority no matter the excuses put forward. How long before we see the Israeli border auto-guns and robotic dogs on our streets - all for the greater good?!



Ethiopa also contributing to the ‘bright start’ in the Capture Africa project

Wonder if this might have been facilitated by Tedros’ old warlord connections - friends in high places.

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So strange to see the support of The World Bank, Gates , Omydyar and Tata as good news, sounds more like the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, imo:

“The Fayda program is supported by the World Bank and will be implemented using a Modular Open-Source Identity Platform (MOSIP), an open-source software that serves as a common framework for building national ID systems. Originating in India at the International Institute of Information Technology-Bangalore, MOSIP has gained international recognition and support from organizations including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Omidyar Network, and Tata Trusts.”



Bill Gates backs Open Source? Now that’s a first

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