Some useful insight from PepeE, from his Deep-State insider contacts, on the real story behind 11/9

Via Saker, though Pepe published it initially as a tweet-stream on his Twitter account. The beeb, btw, has been full of smarmy ‘news’ items obediently massaging the official bollocks about the false-flag, as dispensed by the babbling and prancing about of Saint Joe Biden. Pepe - a genuine journalist - offers his valuable ten penn’orth on the real story:

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As you say @RhisiartGwilymsome useful insight” but the use, or creation, of the Twin Towers narrative was, or became, the pretext for greenlighting of controlling/repressive measures in much of the world.

All the taken-for-granted “precautions” that folks have become habituated to are never going away. Commemoration of the spectacle rearticulates and reaffirms these.

CW: C-word follows

The Coronavirus narrative framework is every bit as riddled with inconsistencies (and the special effects are nowhere near as spectacular) but it just doesn’t seem to matter. Same kinds of reasons: repetition, booby traps for the dissenters, Disinfo, prevalence of shills. A tactical pause every now and then while the Problem is reframed, etc.

None of which is to say people shrug and stop pushing back.

I’m minded that Remembrance Sunday, for example, is still so central to UK culture that those paper poppies are near-enough compulsory for public spectacles for several weeks every year. Practise the elite-seeded rituals and you reinforce their narratives.

Point this out and you’re guilty of disrespect for our Glorious Dead.

The Twin Towers spectacle, and, yes, Coroni, have attained the same mythical power.


Faced with such dispiriting thoughts, K, I always remember quickly the Long Descent, and how it’s scheduled to sweep away all the techie-techie toys which make the oppression so heavy just lately. Good luck with constructing even a Goebbelsian level of mass psychosis when you’re working with the sparse available means in a neo-subsistence-agri society! :slight_smile:

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Being dispirited is a waste of the precious gift of life, not so? But facing up to reality, in my experience, means fewer nasty surprises.

We certainly live in interesting times.

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